People I Care About

My last post addressed why I am going to be a writer, maybe an actor, and a personal trainer. I am not sure which one I am the most excited about, but I am definitely excited to become a personal trainer. I went to the gym this morning (an re-overextended my knee. And Wednesday is leg day. FML) way earlier than I normally do because I am lazy and like my bed, and I saw three personal trainers with clients just doing their jobs and having fun (I assume) and all I could think was how much I couldn’t wait until I could do that. I couldn’t wait until I got to spend time in the gym not just training myself, but also training others. Some of the Actor’s theater friends were recently cast as military personnel and were also told they should probably buff up because of the character types they are most likely to get cast as are buff people. I see them in the gym sometimes. Three of them. One on a bench with some dumbbells doing a press of some kind (considering their form I think it’s the Injury Press) and the other two standing watching. Nice way to improve guys. I would love to train them, but I stopped seeing them in the gym after the first two days, so I don’t know what’s up.

However, there are more important people I would love to train. Not for money. Not even so much for experience. I want to train them because I care about them. My mom texted me the other day and told me that she wanted to be taken off her blood pressure medication and hoped that since she has a scale that is I guess hooked up to wifi now so her doctors can see it every time she weighs herself (it’s defibrillator related I guess, so she has to do it every so often) she will have an easier time of keeping track losing weight. In the two months that she was in the hospital and felt so shitty she couldn’t eat she lost 33 pounds. Unless she really focuses that is all going to come back. I mentioned that I am over halfway done with my personal training certification and she didn’t say anything. I guess I need to be a little more straightforward with it. I care about my mom, and they have her on WAY too many meds right now. I’m pretty sure half of them aren’t necessary, she’s just on them just because, and if she could lose enough weight that she could be off her blood pressure meds that would be great.

I am tired of watching people I care about thinking that the magic shit you sprinkle over food is going to make you lose weight. I am tired of hearing about them trying to eat better for like a day but then grabbing some fast food shit because they are tired. I’m tired too! But I take the time to prepare my food because I love myself and I want to live a healthy life. I want to help people be healthy and get better. I really do. And I want to help even more the people I love, and it just kills me to know that the majority of them only kind of want to get healthy. It kills me to know that they aren’t going to die of natural causes (and my mom might not even die because her defib will just shock her heart every time it stops beating. lol) but of heart disease, diabetes, or some other thing caused by their poor choices. It kills me to know I’m going to end up back in a hospital visiting a family member somewhere down the road and they won’t be coming out with me.

I may not be going through 10+ years of medical school and residency and all that crap, but I am doing something that can also save lives. Just in a less popularly known way. I wish that the people I care about cared about themselves as much as I care about them, because maybe then they would have more of a chance.


4 thoughts on “People I Care About

  1. People really have to make a commitment to something, otherwise it will never happen, no matter how much they want it. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say they wish they could eat healthy or workout more and I’m just like, well you could if you tried harder. I think even the smallest effort can really add up in the long run. It’s so great that you’re passionate about helping people in this way and it’s something I’ve really considered if my career plan doesn’t work out since it’s something I care about a lot too.

    • It’s a nice thing to have, I think, the certification. But I hope your career plan works out! I really wish people would care about themselves and their health. I just don’t understand why some people let themselves gain so much weight. People argue that they didn’t “let themselves” but they did because they didn’t stop for a moment to think that maybe they should take care of themselves.

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