Yet Another Change

I fear change. I’m only human, after all, and change is scary. We as humans like our routines and our rituals. I know that I freak out every time I have to learn a new routine, although I’ve transitioned into Fall Quarter 2013 fairly well. Getting used to living with my husband without parental help and guidance was hard, and then when I suddenly found myself without a mom for a month I had to grow up even more. Tonight the Actor is at his first night of rehearsals (with a cold and they won’t let him leave when he is no longer needed so he can go home and rest might I add) and so I drove the car home after work, gassing it up, and driving under the warm colored streetlights but instead of getting to stare at them as I would have as a child I had to focus on the road, which just signified to me that I am more grown up than I realize sometimes. A lot has changed in my life this year, and I’m surprised that I’m doing as well as I am with it all considering my background and mental illnesses.

So, I am ready to introduce yet another change into my life, and with the Actor being away at rehearsals for most of the week and therefore making it impossible for us to eat dinner together I should find this change fairly easy because I won’t have to try to convince him to get on board.

I have watched Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, Food Inc, and Supersize Me. I have read all kinds of books and articles and studies (real ones) about how animal based foods are killing us and how whole plant based diets are saving us, and sometimes even reversing certain diseases and cancers.

I wrote years ago that I was going to become vegan and all that really did was cause me to give up meat and explore plant based meals, but not do much with them. I couldn’t get my family on board. I couldn’t get my then-boyfriend on board. Then I went to college and vegan choices just didn’t exist in our dining hall. Now I’m living off campus in my own apartment and buying my own groceries. I think that now is finally the time that I can do this. Before the wedding I gave up dairy to help ease my stomach which was freaking out from nerves and excitement over my upcoming nuptials. That was extremely difficult since I still lived and ate on campus, but I did it and I felt pretty good. I don’t know why I brought back eggs and dairy after that. I guess because it was easy and familiar.

Since September is at an end, I thought the start of a new month would be perfect for me to start this. Starting tomorrow I am going to gradually get rid of things. I’d do it faster but we just bought new eggs and milk so I have to use those up so they don’t go to waste, but I will not be putting them back on the grocery list after this. No more animals will have to suffer because I eat their products.

Besides, considering the weird whatthefuckcausedthat thing that happened to my mom I should probably take every step possible to prevents anything like that from happening to me. (Seriously, her heart is actually perfectly fine and all the tests came back positive so it’s basically just like her brain said “I’m tired of sending out signals. I’m gonna take a break” and her heart just stopped.)

October 1, 2013 marks the beginning of my journey to becoming a permanent vegan. If any of you have any tips or recipes you’d like to share that would be great!

Randomly, I am very excited to get to experiment with turning my favorite holiday recipes vegan.


6 thoughts on “Yet Another Change

  1. Best of luck with that! I’ve heard it’s actually unhealthy to become a vegan (because it’s downright impossible to get all of your essential nutrients), so you may want to start slowly as a pescetarian then vegetarian then vegan. But then again, you know yourself better than I do and you seem to have done a lot of work before hand. Best of luck!

    • That’s actually not true. The idea that we cannot get all of our nutrients through a plant based diet comes from the meat industry to keep it successful. You cannot be nutrient deficient without being calorie deficient. Also, just because you eat animal products doesn’t mean you’re getting all of your essential nutrients.

  2. That’s so exciting that you’re starting your vegan journey! Honestly, when I started on mine 2 years ago, I never thought I’d still be a vegan today but it’s such a rewarding lifestyle, and surprisingly not that hard to transition into. I agree completely with your comment above and the one thing I hate is when people say it’s unhealthy to be vegan, but then they’re eating burgers or ice cream or whatever and it’s so hypocritical. As long as you eat a variety of plant-based foods, you get all the nutrients you need and you can always supplement if you feel you need more of certain vitamins or minerals. Other than my blog for recipes, I have quite a few other blogs I like, such as Oh She Glows and Healthy Happy Life, for vegan recipes and product ideas.

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