ART! Everywhere

It’s finally the weekend and I am so tired! I work five days a week, sixteen hours a week, which isn’t as nice as twenty but we’re not allowed to work twenty so this is pretty good. I have four classes, but one is online and I get to spend that one reading The Great Gatsby and studying it and discussing it and it’s just so exciting. My honors class this quarter is all about classical music which is awesome, plus there is no attendance policy so I don’t have to worry about getting sick, and the professor looks like he time travelled from the 1970s. Gotta love band geeks. My other two classes are my theatre pre-reqs for the major. Intro to Theatre will be interesting because it’s a gen ed requirement, not just for people who want to be in the major, so half the class doesn’t even want to be there. Seriously, can we just get rid of gen eds and let kids just study what they want so they don’t end up ruining classes for the people that actually want to be there? The last one is Foundations of Acting which should be interesting. All the people in it want to be there so that’s good at least. The professor is very fun, too. He reminds me of my AP Lit teacher, but in college so there are no rules.

I was doing the Insanity program, but now I have a gym so I’ve gotten back into my weight lifting routine. I am so sore, and so weak! I was able to life a fair amount in the spring, but after a summer off I can lift about half of that, which is still more than I was able to lift a year ago, so it’s not bad.

I just really like that all my classes this quarter are art related. My final for my honors class is to write about a piece of art, not even specifically a music piece. I get to study my favorite book in my English book. And then theatre is theatre. I’m just tired now and kind of ready for break, but am so happy to be back to working and learning.


2 thoughts on “ART! Everywhere

  1. Your classes sound so fun! I agree completely about the gen ed classes–they can be awful, especially if you feel like you’re the only one who actually cares about the class. I’m actually still in a couple gen ed classes this semester only because I needed some credits outside my major to graduate and I thought they sounded easy and pretty interesting. School gets way better once you get into the real classes, though!

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