September > August

So far…

The Actor did not get a job he called about every day for a month until the made a decision which is more than frustrating, but hopefully things will get better soon. My mom is home from her surgery and that should be the end of hospitals for a while. The Actor and I went to the Puyallup Fair yesterday and had a lot of fun.


photo (1)

I indulged in a strawberry milkshake, half a half piece of chocolate orange fudge, and of course a fair scone. We bought a mix so we can have them whenever we want back at our apartment. We didn’t go on any rides, but had a lot of fun looking at all the artwork. One retail booth was claiming to sell a product that would allow you to lose 16 pounds in 8 days. Um, dangerous! Plus if you’re overweight/obese you’ll lose a fair bit in 8 days anyway. You don’t need those stupid diet products that don’t teach you to take care of yourself. You’ll end up gaining the weight back on those things pretty much no matter what. Seeing that thing made me rant.

I picked my mom up from the hospital today and took my brother to an orthodontist appointment, then the Actor and I ate dinner at Panera where they have cute cupcakes!


The Actor had the red velvet one and I had the vanilla one with the sugar leaf. It was the tastiest leaf I’ve ever eaten. Target is already putting up Halloween stuff and has all of the candy out already. I cannot wait! I love this time of year. It’s my absolute fave.

My birthday is also coming up, and I’m only turning 20 but I feel like I should be turning 26. My friend says it’s because I’m married and moved out already. It almost makes me mad that I’m only turning 20, but I need to enjoy my youth. I want a raise at my job so I can afford my bills and maybe some new workout gear and equipment. Too bad my job isn’t the kind to give raises. They only do that when the minimum wage goes up because they have to pay us that much. They also told us we can’t wear yoga pants to work anymore. Only jeans. Good luck. I can’t afford all my bills and I don’t own jeans so they’re just gonna have to deal. I also refuse to wear restrictive pants. It just triggers my ED and depression and is no fun for me or anyone close to me.

So far September is going well. I got to see my family and enjoy some time with my kitty, and no one I know has ended up in the hospital yet so it’s all good. 


3 thoughts on “September > August

  1. Happy early birthday! I felt the same way when I turned 20, I felt a lot older but younger at the same time. Birthdays are weird that way. I’m glad you had fun at the fair though and got to enjoy that cute cupcake!

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