Living with Crazy People

I posted this on my facebook yesterday:


It got a large amount of likes, maybe even more likes than anything that had to do with my wedding. The Actor says it’s not “like” living with a crazy person. He says it is. So I guess I’m living with a crazy person, but he is, too.

On top of my eating disorder (in remission or not), depression, and anxiety disorder, I am also a Disney addict and have decided we are going to Disneyland at Christmas time whether we can afford it or not (ok, money really will determine it, and only if my mom and brother will go with us because they need to have some fun after the depressing month of August). I am obsessed with health and fitness and am probably way too excited about the course I am currently taking. I live in a fantasy world every night for a few hours while I edit my novel. My characters end up being friends of some sort because I just get so attached to them. I work out at least once a day. I’ve been adopting yoga and do a bit every morning and every night but I don’t know if I can call them full workouts on top of the Insanity program. I am a little obsessed with my Green Monster smoothies I have for breakfast every morning. I also follow a routine sleep schedule where he does not (6 am, 5 am, 4 am bedtimes for him).

So we’re both crazy. I can’t tell who is crazier, but I know that our crazy works together. I think that’s an important part of finding a lifelong partner: finding someone as crazy as you or more, and your crazy has to work well together.


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