Weight Loss Websites are for Beginners

I used to use websites like SlimKicker and myfitnesspal back when I wanted to track my calorie intake which was weird because I was really good at doing that in my head when I was deep into my ED. I guess I thought they’d help me because they knew the carb, protein, and fat content, and also “knew” how many calories an exercise burned and would subtract that from what you’ve consumed so it looked like you could eat more food in that day. The only problem is that those sites only work if all you do is walk, jog, or run. It has things like Pilates and yoga in there but they only give you estimates. Some Pilates and yoga flows are more intense than others. Really, all the exercise part does is give you estimates.

And it doesn’t help if you do crazy circuits like I do instead of just plain old running (I’m not knocking plain old running, I just get bored when I just run). You can’t type in HIIT. You have to type in every move and how many you did and honestly I’m not counting how many I do. I’m counting down how many seconds I have before I get to move onto the next move.

Basically, for people that have their shit together and want to improve their fitness and gain more muscle mass and are past the whole fat loss as the main goal thing it doesn’t work, but for people who are starting out and need a little extra reminder they work fine. I forget to fill them out though, and honestly just find it easier to make healthier choices than trying to record everything and see if I can have that cake.

No frozen foods/meals (I freeze extra meat for the Actor and fresh fruits for smoothies. I’m talking no South Beach Diet and Lean Cuisine frozen meals.)

No fast food

No junk food/things that come in plastic colorful wrappers (salad bags are ok)

Veggies and all that good stuff. I guess that once you really get into a healthy lifestyle that’s going to improve your life and let you live as long as possible you don’t need to count calories anymore or worry about how many you burned during your daily workout. You just are healthy. So those websites like the ones above are really for those that are starting out and still need a little push and reminder to make healthy choices. Once you get into the swing of that though you can graduate and just live.

(I mainly wrote this post because I’m trying an experiment counting my macronutrients and use those websites because they have all that information and I also just started the Insanity program which is not on any of those websites. I want a heart rate monitor for my birthday…)


One thought on “Weight Loss Websites are for Beginners

  1. This is so true! I used MyFitnessPal a lot 2 years ago as an easier way to track calories but now I use it occasionally just for macros. I do circuits and stuff too and it’s too hard to enter that into their system and lifting routines aren’t even in there so it’s basically all guesswork. I agree that these sites have a time and place for certain people but they don’t work so well for people who know how to eat healthy.

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