What Happened To August?

So my August has been one wild roller coaster ride. I’ve been home for maybe 10 days of this month. Maybe. My mom has gotten so much better in the past few days. She was discharged on Friday and I went to stay with her that day and just got back home today. I did have a little fun while I was there, though. I participated in Seattle’s SlutWalk with the Actor and one of my best friends and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately we’re not really close to achieving what we walked for according to this article. Pathetic. My mom’s insurance also told her they wouldn’t pay for some things that were necessary for her to keep living because “certain conditions needed to be met for it to be covered” and they all were. Also pathetic. But she’s fighting them, and in two weeks will have her final procedure done and we can put this all behind us.


Totally just noticed the red head photobombing.


You can see my friend and her awesome dog next to me. Not too great a picture, and I knew I needed lipstick!

My little brother is one year older, and one year closer to his learner’s permit if he decides to learn right away. I certainly didn’t want to, but my mom insisted and now I’m really glad I know how to drive.

We ate lunch at this adorable bakery just down the street from our wedding venue.


I had this pesto minestrone soup which was really good. We did a lot of walking around Seattle, and after leaving the SlutWalk it was really awkward to walk around in that top. I owned it though.

So next up is September, and at the end of September I start a new shift at work, begin Fall Quarter classes, and have another birthday. It’s a little scary to be getting older now, especially after learning about all the fun diseases I’m predisposed to get on top of the two I’m already diagnosed with. But my birthday is also the first day of classes and auditions so I’ll go to gym, class, work, and then go home and go to sleep while the Actor goes to an audition so no big. In other news I got my first smartphone so I now have an Instagram which I hate, but I don’t use stupid filters. My pictures are crappy and I don’t pretend otherwise. There are just so many giveaways I want to enter that require you to have an Instagram! But if you go check on mine (ajamontana) you’ll notice that I’ve put up a picture of Olive Garden’s Pumpkin Cheesecake! It’s almost autumn and I cannot wait! It’s my favorite season.

August is over. I know we have a couple days left but it’s basically over. I hope that September isn’t as shitty.


5 thoughts on “What Happened To August?

  1. September will be better because you’ll get to see me!!!! 🙂 haha. I don’t know where my August went either. So many things I need to start doing. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Miss you!

    • I think that one is but there were several that were not, plus one girl that had a top similar to mine but just below the boobal region…

    • I wore that same top in my Mrs. Lovett costume for Halloween last year with an awkward hi-lo dress underneath. I cut that apart and just made it a regular length dress.

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