I’ve Been Doing Stuff

I’ve been home for a few days now and loving it. It’s odd to realize that the house I spent the most amount of time in isn’t home anymore. Especially with my mom in a hospital thirty minutes away. And my room has been all packed up and just looks weird now. I like being in my apartment with the Actor, sleeping in our own bed, making our own food with our own groceries, etc., etc. I’m going back on the weekend for the Seattle Slutwalk and then again on Wednesday until Friday evening because my brother has school stuff, but then hopefully I can be home for a full week or two.

Other than getting back into a good workout routine and making good food instead of frozen waffles and salad bar salads I’ve been counted cross stitch-ing, watching a delightful show, and reading a fairly good book, and saw Jobs.


This show came out 10 years ago, and my aunt loaned it to us. We just finished it actually, and loved it. The movie they made kind of sucked, but the 2 seasons of show was awesome. It apparently got cancelled because the creators had arguments or something, which sucked because you don’t find well written, well acted, funny, entertaining shows on TV too often anymore. You can watch the movie on Netflix streaming, and you might be able to get the seasons on DVD but I don’t know. I highly recommend it, though. It’s about a girl who gets hit by a space toilet seat and dies and becomes a grim reaper. Just check it out. It’s amazing.


I bought this book to use up a gift card, and it’s not half bad. I’m a little upset because I just found out that it’s the first of a series so now I have to acquire the rest of the books so I can read them. It’s no Fitzgerald book, but it works and is more the speed of youth today.


The Actor and I saw this the other. I’d just learned some unfortunate news and my day was not going well. What better way to lift my spirits than to go see an inspiring movie? Okay, so Ashton Kutcher was wonderful. He had gotten into character really well, and seriously, he looks almost exactly like Steve Jobs probably because he could act like him really well and not just because of facial similarities. Unfortunately the film lacked direction. It ended oddly and didn’t go as deeply as I would have liked it to. It was good and inspiring, but now I have to read a biography on him because I want to know more that the movie didn’t tell me.

I have about a month left of my summer. I hope I can have the majority of that month to just enjoy my remaining summer. I’m really enjoying being home and just doing my thing, you know?


6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Doing Stuff

  1. So jealous that you have a month left of summer! I start back on Monday and I’m excited for my senior semester but also not at the same time. I just wanna be done at this point–senioritis has hit me hard.

    I really want to see Jobs because I’ve heard good things, but it sucks that it’s not that deep of a movie. I like movies that really make me think, but I’m sure reading a Steve Jobs bio would help too.

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