Take Care of Yourself Now!

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(I just want to apologize in advance for the tone of this post. I’m going through a lot emotionally right now)

I am so sick and tired of people letting their health take back seat in their lives. How can your life not take priority? I’m not asking you to join a gym and shell out tons of money. All I’m asking is that you stop eating all that shit you buy and maybe go for a walk or a run once or twice a week. It’s not hard. It’s even cheaper. Preparing real food yourself is cheaper than buying frozen crap. And it’ll save you all those medical bills from your wheelchairs and diabetes.

I get it. Some people have health issues that prevent them from losing weight, but I’m not asking you to lose weight. I’m asking you to take care of yourself. Please.

There is a history of heart issues (not disease, just electrical issues) in my family that is surfacing and being really apparent. My uncle had a heart episode (not an attack, again, just an electrical issue) about a year and a half ago, my omi had something, and right now my mom is in the hospital after collapsing at work with some heart issue. I get that some things aren’t preventable. I’ll probably have some issue like this in the future when I get old. But wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to prolong your life? Maybe this even is preventable and we just haven’t figured it out yet. For a while I always had a goal for why I was exercising and eating right. I was going to a school dance, a graduation, a summer vacation, my wedding, etc. But now I realize that I need to do this for life. I want to be fit for life. I want to be healthy so that I can live a full life. I want to see how strong and fast I can get. Even if something like this does happen to me in the future at least I’ll know that I did everything I possibly could.

Why wouldn’t you want to take care of yourself? I’m a poor, married, college student with one minimum wage job working 15hours a week, and we still manage to eat fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains for about $30-60 a week. I work out every day for at least an hour. It just kills me when I see people that don’t care about their lives. How can you not care? I’ve spent two days in a hospital in the intensive care wing watching people walk around with worry. When you don’t take care of yourself you’re putting that burden on your family as well as yourself.

I’m sorry… I’m not sorry. This is serious and people need a wake up call. Maybe this could have been prevented with my mom. I don’t know. We won’t know, but I do know that taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself and everyone that loves you.


8 thoughts on “Take Care of Yourself Now!

  1. I agree. And I tell my husband that he better not expect me to take care of him if he won’t take care of himself. He has a history of heart problems and skin cancer in his family and I am always nagging him to eat better, exercise, and wear sunscreen. We obviously can’t do everything to avoid getting sick, but I think it behooves us all to make an effort so our loved ones don’t get stuck cleaning up the mess.

  2. Thinking about you Aja. Omi has been giving us any update she can, but hope to hear more soon. I know how much we love our mommys. So true on the staying healthy for not only yourself 🙂

  3. I’m new to this blog so I don’t know your history, but I can see where you’re coming from. On the flip side, I’m assuming you’ve struggled with an eating disorder and know some things take priority over our own health, like our coping mechanisms to not eating, puking, over-exercising, etc. I’m not saying those people in your life suffer from eating disorders, but at the same time, nobody is perfect. Do I think more people should step up and stop being so lazy? Yes. But at the same time, maybe there are underlying reasons to their laziness, like depression, lack of motivation, poor self-esteem, or general lack of education. Eating right and taking care of ourselves shouldn’t be rocket science, but I think it’s human nature to do what’s quick and easy vs. what’s good for us.

    • I completely agree. It is human nature, which is why I was yelling over the internet, but going against our nature is hard. I have been recovering from AN for almost 4 years and I know how hard it is to basically completely rewrite how I deal with things, but life and health is still important.

  4. Good point. However, I find that either you are into a healthy lifestyle or you are not. It takes a lot of commitment to stick with it and not to give in to temptation. I know so many people who are just not willing to make the effort. Possibly because they are not aware what a bad diet and lazy lifestyle will do to their bodies eventually. Btw – Do you know the book “Hormonal Balance” by Scott Isaacs? He explains exactly in what way bad foods and limited exercise damage our health. It is a great read and I can highly recommend it.

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