It’s Been a Month

So we’ve been married for a month now. A month ago I was sitting on a plane about as tired as I am now (I’ve been oddly tired a lot these past few days) waiting for it to land in Florida so we could go to our hotel and go to bed. A month ago I was on my honeymoon, and today I’m going to work flipping burgers and melting cheese and frying tater tots. Kind of odd that the vegetarian is working the burger station. It wasn’t my choice, but one of the cooks teases me about it every time he gets a chance.

This month has been good. Obviously I can’t complain when the first week of it was spent in Walt Disney World, and the last few have been spent unpacking our boxes and discovering the joys of making our own food instead of relying on the SURC where you pay Disney Park prices for poor quality. At least the prices at Disney mean the food is going to be amazing.

Everyone keeps asking me how married life is. It’s not much different from life before, except now I have bills to pay and dishes to do. And more paperwork to file still to have my name officially changed. They don’t make it easy for you.

It really has been great, and once I get our apartment in order (still have boxes and a bunch of crap I get to get rid of) I’ll put up some pictures. It’s a tiny little space but it’s home for now. Honestly I’m kind of excited to move. We might only stay here until our lease it up. There’s a huge gap under the door that lets in the best draft and all the best big bugs, and it screams when the wind blows, and we have no dishwasher so all the dishes are done by hand in our tiny sink. You gotta start somewhere I suppose.


3 thoughts on “It’s Been a Month

  1. I think a lot of people’s first apartments can be nightmarish but the important part is that you’re enjoying your life there with someone you love. I second the cat suggestion–I think I need to get one if I move somewhere with lots of bugs!

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