Why I Love Disneyland Better than Disney World

I grew up on the West Coast so of course I’m going to love the Disneyland Resort best. I had heard this stereotype before going to WDW and was curious, but I have to say that I prefer Disneyland. You just get used to things being one way and when you go some place with things that are close to it but not exact it’s hard. WDW was wonderful and we had a great time, but I will always prefer Disneyland. It just seems more magical in Disneyland, and everything is close together which I like. Sure, I enjoyed the walking break taking the bus back to our hotel from the parks but I like just being able to get up and walk whenever you want instead of having to wait for a bus. At Disneyland you’re just immersed in the magic of everything. You hardly ever see any roads or cars or other businesses. You’re just surrounded by it. At WDW you see other things going to and from the parks which just breaks the magic in my opinion.

I’m not trying to bash WDW at all.

One thing that bothered me most at WDW was their version of Pirates of the Caribbean. That has to be my favorite ride at Disneyland, and it was such a let down at WDW.

Walt Disney World



First of all, the queue in WDW is all inside which is nice, and it’s themed so it’s not just endless switchbacks. But, when you get on the boats you don’t smell that wonderful chlorine smell you get at Disneyland. It’s dark, there is no animatronic parrot waiting for you as you board. No old guy with the banjo. There isn’t even a talking skull! There’s one waterfall which happens after you go through the mist onto which they project only Black Beard which is a disappointment because he isn’t nearly as scary as Davy Jones. They added mermaids to WDW which is cool, but after that you see the skeleton driving the boat, go down a waterfall, and there you enter into the whole scene with Barbosa and all the other animatronic pirates. There is no endless drinking pirates, captain in his bed with the ghost piano playing, no treasure room. They also cut out the end scene with the pirates shooting at each other around you. It was a far cry from the Pirates in Disneyland.

All this said, though, we did have a lot of fun and really enjoyed ourselves. It was an adventure exploring everything and seeing new things. Next time though we’re going to Disneyland. Normally I’m good for 3 months after going. I don’t have withdrawls or get homesick. Not so much now. It was fun, though. I’m glad that we went. Disneyland>WDW


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Disneyland Better than Disney World

    • There is! We made a list of all our must-dos and had 1 park a day tickets so we did everything and didn’t feel so rushed. I’ve done the 1 park a day tickets in DL as well as the hopper and I think the 1 park a day is the way to go if you don’t want to feel rushed.

  1. I’ve been to DL and WDW once each but I was in DL when I was like 4 so I don’t really remember a lot about it. DL is a lot closer to me too so if I had to go again I’d probably go there but I liked that WDW had waterparks and some different things than DL had, at least when I went.

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