Honeymoon Day 6

This was our last day in the parks, and we spent it again in the Magic Kingdom. It rained but we got to go on everything we wanted to do a second, third, fourth, or even fifth time (Pirates) with pretty much no wait. I was surprised because most things that had long waits in California had no waits in Florida and vice versa. We camped out to see the Electrical Parade which I haven’t seen since they took it from California Adventure (because they can’t make two parade floats I guess) back before DCA 2.0 even started. We stayed where we were for the fireworks and it was magical. They weren’t the same as the fireworks we got engaged under, but still wonderful. The people are us, no so wonderful. One kid kept poking me and kicking me and yelling at me and I know I wasn’t in his way. I was just too close to his stroller. Another guy yelled at a mom for picking her kid up so he could see because it got in the way of his video recording. Some people are just more special than we are.

DSCN0613 DSCN0602 DSCN0583 DSCN0580 DSCN0576 DSCN0572 DSCN0571 DSCN0570 DSCN0566 DSCN0561


The Actor got to sit in Gaston’s chair at Gaston’s tavern where we ate a GIANT cinnamon roll for breakfast. We ate dinner at Tony’s on Main Street. It was the restaurant from Lady and the Tramp and when we told them it was our honeymoon they set up our table special with a cloth and a candle, and stenciled that picture onto the plate of our dessert with chocolate. It was so great. I kinda wish someone would have come up with an accordion and sang Bella Notte to us.


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