Honeymoon Day 3

Yep, it’s back. Our internet is still stupid but I can at least get on it eventually on my computer.

So day 3 was Animal Kingdom, which was a huge step up from EPCOT. You could definitely see all of the detail and work the imagineers had put into the park, but it was however the hottest day of our vacation. We had decided to go swimming that evening because the park closed at 7 so we would have a lot of extra time in the evening to do things. Unfortunately, it started to get stormy when we were planning on go so the pool was closed for the rest of the night. It was a cool storm with neat lightning and stuff, but sad we couldn’t swim. We stayed in our air conditioned room with our feet propped up for like 3 hours watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons. Huge tip, prop up your feet for at least an hour at night after spending all day walking and standing. It makes them hurt less the next day.


They take your picture on DINOSAUR right after they show you the T-Rex so my face is just kinda like, “yep, there it is.” It was so hot. I wore flip flops for most of the day, but only wear them if you hate yourself. I started getting awful pains because they weren’t supportive at all.


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