Wedding Day

I’m back! I’m going to be spending the next few days packing and unpacking and starting back at work. You know, trying to live and make my way. It’s all kind of stressful and emotional right now, but I’m not gonna bother you all with that right now. Today’s post is recap of the wedding.

I didn’t take any pictures, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any. First of all, if you go on Facebook and search for Tasha Owen Photography she’s got a bunch of pictures on her page. She was our photographer and was completely amazing. Anyone getting married in the Seattle-Tacoma area should definitely have her be your photographer. Seriously. I know good photography and she is amazing. I searched and searched for a good photographer. It’s surprising how many wedding photographers out there don’t know how to take pictures. I was so happy when I finally found her.

Anyway, I woke up at about 8:30 and got up. I had some toast with coconut oil (so good!) for breakfast and a pop tart later because I didn’t want to eat too much. We left the house at noon to go up to the venue to get ready. I spent three hours with my hair in pins so that my curls would stay. My MOH also sprayed my hair with hair spray. It probably took up half the can, but it worked. The curls stayed until the end when I messed them up myself with dancing. We had about 3 hours to get ready which seemed like a long time, but it was nice not having to rush getting ready. Once my hair was curled I got to sit and relax before doing my makeup and getting dressed.


People kept coming upstairs to the reception room and where we were getting ready and having formal pictures so I had to go hide until they went to the ceremony room where they were supposed to be. We had our formal pictures done before the ceremony so that we had more time to do them, and I’m glad we did because everything seemed to move so fast after the ceremony before the reception. Cocktail hour seemed really short. We did a first look instead of waiting until the ceremony to see each other. It didn’t make the ceremony anything less. It was really great, though. Then we got kicked out of a place across the street from the WAC (venue) where we were taking pictures. As one of my bridesmaids said, “she’s in a wedding dress. Just let it happen.”


One of my girls had a family emergency so she couldn’t come which was sad, but we still had fun.


The cake was really good. All the food was good. I didn’t get to eat too much but I also didn’t want to. Too excited.

The ceremony was great. I almost kind of passed out before walking down the aisle. I was standing there waiting for my turn to go down the aisle and it was just all so real and overwhelming and just blah that I probably turned pale. Tasha had to ask if I was okay while she snapped away. Those pictures will be interesting. Our officiant was wonderful and we’d gotten a very personalized ceremony. It was something that everyone could relate to, and it honored my grandparents because it was also their 57th anniversary. Once I knew that the day we were thinking of was their anniversary there was no way we weren’t going to get married that day. It was so great. I had to read my vows second, and we’d written our own vows, and all I could think as the Actor read his was “I can’t go second. I don’t think I can talk.” But somehow I made it through them, and everyone we talked to said they loved our vows. I think that writing your own is just better and more special than reading traditional ones. We signed the license immediately after and then had some time to ourselves to just soak it all in.

A392 copy

(Tasha Owen Photography)

It all turned out great, really. Only one or two things went wrong and they were minor. Like the wrong version of the processional song was played but it still worked.

It’s been over a week now since the wedding and I’m happy that I can still remember most of it. It was so great to see everyone. It was the first time my family had all been together in a long time. I didn’t even miss my paternal side. Everyone that mattered had shown up and that was, well, all that mattered. It was really a wonderful wedding and we were sad when it ended, though we had more exciting things coming up very quickly. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures! Gosh, a year ago I was starting the process of planning a wedding, and now it’s over. Where did the time go?



A332 copy 2

(Tasha Owen Photography)

Dress: David’s Bridal

Photography: Tasha Owen Photography

Celebrant: Annemarie Juhlian

DJ: Ed Waterman

Venue/Food: Washington Athletic Club


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