I am exhausted! I spent Monday and Tuesday studying and packing and moving. Mostly moving. I’m terrible at studying but always seem to do all right on tests so I don’t worry. Today I got up, went to work, took a test, helped the Actor pack a little, took another test and stood around for an art critique, and then helped the Actor move. I am so tired. As soon as my last test was done with I wanted to go to sleep. But then I found out I had to write a paper for my final art project which had not been discussed before so I wrote it as soon as I got to my mom’s house about an hour ago. I’m gonna go to sleep soon.

So I am officially done with my first year in college. I had a great year and it’s surprising how fast it went. Last year took forever. This year just flew by. I can’t believe it. I kept saying that as we were driving back to our parent’s town (weird to say that. It’s not home anymore. All of our stuff is in the apartment now).

I am really excited for the next three years. They are going to be very interesting since deciding to double major. It means I can’t fail any classes or take anything other than what is in my majors but I don’t care. I am really excited to get into my second major and start getting more involved. I love writing but it’s so solitary I need something more in my life. And I’ve always loved theater. So I’m really looking forward to the remaining three years.

I am also looking forward to what’s happening in the next three days. It’s a little overwhelming. I got weird panic attacks at work today but now that I’m at my mom’s house and it’s so close I think I’ll be able to be calm until Sunday.

I think I need to go to sleep now. Or soon anyway.


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