Into a World Much Less Complicated…

I’ve been feeling my life fall into a routine now that we’re half way through Spring Quarter. I get up at nine every morning except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, unless I’m back home, anyway. I go to work, or finish up homework before my honors class. I work out afterward, either weight training or Pop Pilates depending on the day. I go to art or am done with the day. The Actor is now in rehearsal for four hours every night as the debut of Jesus Christ Superstar comes closer. It premiers on May 10th, which also happens to be the day that The Great Gatsby comes out. If my town is doing a midnight showing I’m going to see that, otherwise I’ll have to wait another day or so, which would make me sad. I’m actually going to pre-order the soundtrack, and I never pre-order anything. The Great Gatsby is my favorite book, with Pride and Prejudice second, and The Beautiful and the Damned in third.

I spend my evenings working on the flowers for the bouquets: Photo0435don’t judge, they look really pretty all together.

After I assemble a dozen or so flowers, I finish up any homework I still have to do, and then I write for at least an hour. The title is a fragment of a line from it, but I also thought it fit today’s post. Right now, while I am worrying about finding a place to live and a job because they decided I actually can’t work at my current job over the summer because I’ll be on my honeymoon for the first week, life right is decidedly calm. Am I doing great in my classes? Not really. I’m at about a C or B average right now, but that doesn’t bother me. The A student I used to be kind of disappeared. I’ve got more important things to worry about, like living. I’ll probably be upset if I fail, but being the absolute best in subjects I’m not passionate about doesn’t matter to me anymore. I guess the world I live in is still complicated, but I’m not making it more complicated than it needs to be.

The Actor got a hair cut for the first time all year. Stupid people in the theatre department that wouldn’t let him get it cut.

imageYesterday was Earth Day and there were people outside the dining hall giving out free plants. So I got one, and I’m determined not to let it die. So far so good.

Photo0445 I went home over the weekend, just to see my family. I missed them. We’re nearing 6 weeks from the wedding now, and even though we don’t have our own place yet, we know we won’t be moving back home. If we can’t get our own place now a friend has offered to let us live with her until August when leases start to open up. So either way we’re staying in this college town, and we won’t be returning home. That’s an odd thought.

Photo0444 My cat is going to be 11 this year, which makes her almost 60 in cat years. I just thought she was too adorable in this picture not to share. She was pretty pleased that I was back home with her, and I almost stuffed her in my suitcase when we were leaving. One way or another I will have my cat with me.

Photo0448 While most of the invitations were sent out about three weeks ago, I forgot one. We just had to invite Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You get a cute little post card they sign, and I thought that would make a cute keepsake, especially since we’re honeymooning in Disney.

Photo0449 I bought a pair of lifting gloves last week and they finally came today. I am really happy with them, they look great. I got them off of Etsy at ME2 Designs. She has some really great stuff in there, but the only purchase I could justify were these gloves because of all the lifting I do now, and I’ve already started getting some callouses. No fun. They are women’s size small, but my ring size is 3 and 1/2 so naturally they are a little big on me. I have a child’s hands. It’s weird. I wear a size 5 in shoes, too. Those parts of me just didn’t want to grow I guess.

Well, that’s about it, really. I just had a lot of pictures to share mainly. Nothing deep or anything. I should have new progress pics up by the end of this week, even though I don’t really feel like I’ve made too much visual progress. I’ve upped my weights a lot, but I don’t think you can tell a difference. Have a great week!



2 thoughts on “Into a World Much Less Complicated…

  1. I’ve become the same way with school. I’ve gotten a couple of C’s in classes I knew I wouldn’t be amazing in (aka math and science classes) and I was actually okay with that considering they are college level and I didn’t really care for the classes, just something I had to get through.

    I’m actually excited to see The Great Gatsby, it was one of the books I really liked in my high school American lit class so we’ll see how the movie turns out.

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