Pumping Iron

I’m almost done with Week 2 in my Slim, Strong, Sexy program by thisfitchick, and I am getting so much stronger! I can press 50 lbs when I could barely do the bar the first time I tried the bench press (granted I was twelve). I’m gaining some awesome muscles, and in these two weeks with eating cleaner with less sweets I have cut out that little belly pooch I had somehow accumulated over Winter Quarter (I still have no idea how that happened). I am just so excited, you guys. It is awesome. I’m getting stronger and leaner and more toned. Love, love, love it!

I noticed though, that there were only three girls in the weight room while there were twenty-five guys. Come on, girls! We are just as capable as the men, if not more. We do not have the ability to bulk up like them unless we take steroids, so don’t even worry about that. Weight training is such a huge, important part of a good exercise routine. You can do cardio all you want, but having more muscle mass helps you burn more calories, thus burning more fat, and being able to eat more delicious, clean food. Um, yes! The other girls in the gym were not bulky, but I can say that they were definitely stronger than me. Looking at them you wouldn’t even guess the could press so much. Besides, I think the toned look is in these days.

I did not take before pics like I meant to. By the time I was able to, I was not able to if that makes sense. So here are some two-week-in photos:

DSCN0143 DSCN0144 DSCN0146 I’m making a weird face in the ab shot. But you get the idea. I really wish I had more before pictures, but I can’t find any right now. So yeah, I’m excited. Seriously, girls, go into the weight room. It might be a little intimidating, I know I was the first day, but if you go in there with a plan and just do it, I guarantee no one will look at you weird. They’re all too busy with their own workouts.

We have seventeen people confirmed to come to the wedding now! Yay! I am so excited. I paid the remaining balance for the honeymoon this week so we’re all set there, and it’s just so exciting. I’m getting a rockin’ strong body, and in almost 50 days I’ll be getting married. Wow!


6 thoughts on “Pumping Iron

  1. You’ve made some great progress so far! I’ll admit that when I first started lifting, I was worried I’d bulk up like crazy but that definitely hasn’t happened. I would still like to see more progress in my muscles but I’m pretty happy with the changes I’ve made in just a couple months.

    • When I started incorporating weights back in April of last year I was so happy with my progress, and back then I only had a pair of 5’s. I love how much progress I’ve made using upwards of 25 now. I can just see myself getting stronger and I love it. I never would have guessed weights would be so awesome.

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