I don’t have too much to report other than I am extremely busy right now. I’ve got art project after art project, poetry to scan, articles to read and respond to, bouquets to make, vows to finalize, etc., etc.. Every day around four I get really sleepy even though I eat perfectly clean meals that won’t make me crash, and get at least eight hours of sleep every night. It’s ridic, you guys. Totes ridic. So here is a fun little thing I got from Ashley’s blog.

Addictions: pilates, weight training, running, lazy mornings, FRIENDS, Disney, peanut butter, yoga pants, photography.

Bed size: Right now Twin XL which is just one of the ways college makes you spend more money, buying special sheets you’re never going to use again to fit their beds. Whatever. Soon it will be a Queen.

Chore you hate: Laundry and cleaning the bathroom.

Dogs or cats: I love dogs, but I prefer cats.


I found this pretty kitty on the way to the Actor’s radio show on Saturday. Super fluffy, loud, and friendly, but I haven’t seen her since. I hope she’s okay. She totally made my evening though. I need a fluffy kitty friend in my life.

Essential start to your day: Food, and sixteen ounces of water. The water right away in the morning helps speed up your metabolism, and since I’m assuming I killed mine with my ED I’m trying to help it in any way I can.

Favorite color: I used to say blue when I was a kid because it was my dad’s favorite color and I wanted to get him to like me, but now that I don’t care it’s PINK all the way!

Gold or silver: Gold for jewelry, silver for clothing embellishments.

Height: 5’2 1/2. That half inch is important to short people!

Instruments you play (or have played): Flute and piccolo. I actually picked up my flute again over spring break and played it a bit. I remembered most of the fingerings right away and the others took a few minutes of experimenting.

Job titles you’ve had: babysitting, pizza making, hot dog making, ice cream scooping.

Kids: eventually maybe. The Actor doesn’t like that maybe part, but I honestly find the concept of growing a person disgusting, so it’ll take a lot of wrapping my head around when the time comes.

Live: Western and Eastern Washington depending on the day.

Mom’s name: Debby with a “y”. Don’t mess that up, people. Seriously.

Nickname: I finally got one. People at work decided my name was too hard to pronounce so they all call me AJ, even the managers. Not too creative, but eh.

Overnight hospital stays: When I was born for about four weeks. I was born six weeks premature so that was super. I did not like being there apparently. I pulled out all the medical tubes they had on me. And they still won’t believe me when I tell them I can feel the needle when they draw blood.

Pet peeves: People smoking too close to buildings, not using the correct “your, you’re”, people being late for things like it’s no big deal.

Quote from a movie: "When you’re young everything feels like the end, but it’s not. It’s really the beginning."

Right-handed or left-handed: Right, but I scoop ice cream with my left so my right doesn’t get too much stronger than my left.

Siblings: Just one little brother.

Time you wake up: About nine on weekdays, and probably eleven on weekends.

Underwear: I own it.

Veggies you dislike: Onions


Pretty theatre in Yakima. The Actor and I went on Sunday to celebrate the end of his show, fifty months together, and two months to the wedding.

What makes you run late: Nothing. I never run late.

X-rays you’ve had done: teeth (way too many times in my opinion), left arm (I broke it when I was three), and one other time for my chest I think but I can’t for the life of me remember why.

Yummy food you make: Cookies, omelets, and banana soft serve


Outside the Tower Theatre (sans post-processing)

Zoo animal: tigers. I love all cats really.

Well, I gotta go work on more wedding stuff. I’ve already gotten our first RSVP. It’s getting close. As of today we can get our marriage license, and we have to make the final payment on the honeymoon by the 24th of this month. It’s getting crazy you guys! A good crazy, though.


3 thoughts on “ABCs

  1. That half inch is so important, I always say I’m 5’1 1/2 because I need that extra half inch.

    I like the idea of kids, but I’m not so sure I want to have them myself. Maybe I’ll adopt or something, the whole idea of being pregnant weirds me out.

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