Just Workin on my Fitness

First, Happy Fertility Day!

Second, I just purchased a personal training package by the lovely Carrie at thisfitchick.net which I am so excited to start! If any of you remember, Carrie used to blog at movesnmunchies, but from what I can recollect, people were really mean and she shut down her blog. She has since gotten a degree in personal training, set up her business, started school, and gotten a kick-ass bod! Seriously, she is living one of my six dream. You should definitely go check her out, and I cannot wait until tomorrow so I can get started! It’s going to be weird working out every other day instead of every day like I do now, but it’s pretty intense, so it’s probably a good thing I won’t be working out every day. Actually, you totally know I’m going to work out every day anyway, just probably some pilates or yoga on the days that are supposed to be off. Probably yoga. I have read so many stories about people with EDs who discovered yoga and it changed their life. Yoga is too slow for me, which probably just means I’m missing the point, but regular pilates is also too slow for me, which is why I love Cassey Ho’s pilates so much! So, actually, probably pilates.

Today I am ten weeks away from my wedding. What?! Yeah, just ten weeks, which means it is time to scramble! Time to make final appointments and finalize all kinds of stuff. Ah! Just freaking out a little bit. I’m excited to start this program now because I do need to lose a little weight before the wedding. You can call me crazy, but I am at my highest weight right now. I’m where they wanted me to be when I went to the doctors, and if I’m going to be at this weight I want it to be from muscle, not fat, and I can tell you, it’s from fat. So, I am going to give this workout plan-thing 110%, and I’ll be taking before-pictures today (also semi-progress pictures because I have gained a good amount of muscle in my arms).

Yeah, I’m excited. It’s a good day. I’m home, but only until the evening. I’m sitting on my couch with my cat, watching TV and it’s sunny and hot outside. It’s a good day. I’m happy.


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