Beautiful, Tasty Food

Yesterday, I rounded up my mom, the Actor, and his mom, and made the Actor drive to our venue in Seattle for our tasting. I was stupid and mixed up the time so we were about an hour late, but we got there and everything was okay. They’re doing renovations right now, but they’ll be done a month before the wedding so we’ll have a nice shiny new venue to get married in.

We ate in a nice little room that had a single table set up like they will be for the reception.


I have never used so many utensils in my life, so I thank Kathy Bates in Titanic for telling DiCaprio to start on the outside and work your way in. It was awkward, though, because we were trying meat dishes for the entrees and I don’t eat meat so I ended up with a lot of extra knives that the waiter had to keep taking away.

DSCN0115Everything tasted so ridiculously good! Even though I didn’t eat the chicken I did eat the veggies and rice, and all the non-meat things, and they were all so good. The cake was the part I was most excited for, of course, and we tried a lemon cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese frosting, and a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and buttercream frosting. I couldn’t handle the chocolate. It was way too much for me, but the lemon was just perfect. We ended up picking those two flavors, though, with lemon as the biggest tier, chocolate as the smallest, and added Neapolitan to the middle. There will be a vegetarian entrée so I will still get to eat, which is good because I don’t think I’m going to be able to eat much during the day.

We got to see the ceremony and reception space again, which was great because the mothers hadn’t seen them yet. They’re just beautiful. We’re about 80 days away now, and March is just about over.

I’ve been having a really nice spring break, but more on that later. For now I’m going to work more on the invitation suite for the wedding now that I know more of the final details. Have a wonderful Thursday and Friday!

What things sound the most delish to you?

What do you think we picked?


4 thoughts on “Beautiful, Tasty Food

  1. That lemon cake sounds the best to me! Lemon-y things are always perfect, especially in the spring and summer. I’m glad you’ll get to have a vegetarian entree too, that aspect will be important to me too when I marry.

    • The salad for the started, the chicken with the apple glaze, along with salmon and a veggie dish, and both cake flavors, adding Neapolitan. 3 tiers = 3 flavors. 🙂

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