In Other Worlds

It’s so nice to be home and be on break. I’ve been able to make real scrambled eggs (they do not serve real eggs at school, but they’re not egg replacers either. They’re some weird chemically thing) and toast (you also cannot get toast at school. I don’t know why) and eat good, real food. I’ve been able to sit on the couch in my pj’s until eleven which is when I go to Pilates. I’ve been able to talk with my mom for hours and watch Live with Kelly and Michael with her in the mornings. I’ve been able to cuddle with my kitty who has been so happy that I’m home. I went to Target today. I missed that place. I’m really sad that I’ll have to go back to uni on the 24th but for now I’m going just enjoy being home. It’ll be weird when this isn’t home anymore. My mom is planning on moving out in the summer after I clear out all my stuff and the wedding. The house is honestly a dump, not because we don’t take care of it because we do to the best of our ability, it’s just really old and falling apart and the landlord doesn’t do much about it. It’s been home for eight years which is the longest I’ve lived anywhere, but it’s still a dump. Still, I’ll be sad to leave it. I always cry when we drive back to uni at the end of our visits.

Being home also means I have time to do things I like to do. I’ve gotten back into my Pilates routine, and today I even drew for a little bit in my sketch book. I’m starting a brand new novel that I spent my entire last day of work piecing together, and I’m really excited about it. I decided to try sketching all of the characters so I can keep descriptions straight. I always have a hard time remembering if someone has blue eyes or green. Unless they’re a major character, and even then sometimes I have trouble. Once I’ve spent a year with them I usually have them straight, but for now sketching is probably best. It’s like when you make a new group of friends. Sometimes you can’t remember one person’s name, or if they have one eye color or another, or if their hair is blond or brown, unless you see them of course. You don’t have that problem? Just me? Okay.

I love writing, though. I’ve got a whole page written of the plot overview an one page done so far of the actually novel, and with the sketching and everything I spend a lot of time in their world. I like getting to go to other places in my head and just be so caught up in them that it’s like the rest of the world melts away. The first novel I ever finished was written over the summer prior to my freshman year of high school. I remember a countryside, and bright sunny days in a two story house, and an old billiards hangout. I remember that more than where I actually was: sitting at the old desktop computer during cloudy summer days while babysitting my brother. I remember spending it with those characters, like I was a friend along for the ride.

That’s what I love about writing. Even if it’s not spectacular or sell-able, I love getting to be immersed in another world, one that I can’t just get in a car and drive to. I love getting to just escape for a little while simply by opening up Word and clicking some keys. I get to go on an adventure and let my mind run wild. I love that. I can’t really explain how it makes me feel other than completely free.


5 thoughts on “In Other Worlds

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling well at home right now,Aja.
    Writing seriously is such a wonderful possibility to escape the world and its troubles sometimes. I’d really like to read some of your pieces of art,I’m sure you’re a talent! 🙂

  2. I am quite distressed for you that there are no real eggs or toast! Blasphemy!
    And our house is the same, it’s just falling apart a little and is crowded. But I’d miss it if I moved.

  3. If it wasn’t for the awesome salad bar at Southeast Missouri State I would have died of malnutrition. We did have eggs and toast (always scrambled and burnt – respectively). I was not able to go home on spring break, but I LOVED getting to read fun books instead of text books for that week.
    Enjoy! 😉

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