And That Concludes our Winter Quarter

I’m home!! Well, at my mother’s house. I don’t get to call it home for too much longer. Assuming things go according to plan. I’ll get to that later. Maybe. Winter Quarter is officially over. I took my last final at 4pm and then left for home around 7 after packing and eating dinner. I am not going to miss SURC food. I may be working there, but that doesn’t mean I like the food. I know I’ve said this a million times and I probably bitch about it to the Actor at least once a day, but living on campus is killing me. I hate the food. I hate the “dorm experience” even though I love my roommate. I hate not having a bathroom to myself. I hate not having a kitchen. I hate having to wonder if I can do Pilates or cry in my room before my roommate gets back. This year cannot go fast enough. At least I have one quarter left. Just one.

This last quarter was kinda awful, I’m not gonna lie. I actually failed a couple assignments in this one class, but so did half the class so I’m not too upset about it. I used to care so much about getting A’s on everything but now I’m just like, a C is fine. I am officially an English major with a specialization in Writing. I got a neat little pen in the mail that reads “property of an English major” on it. I feel like I’ll only use it for important things. I clocked out at the café I worked at for the last time today. It was a wonderful feeling. No more staring at the oven for four hours while getting ridiculed. One of the cooks, who is really nice, came up to me while I was zoning out staring at the oven and said, “It’s not a TV, you know.”

I actually spent my four hours at work completely setting up a new novel. I picked up the one I “published” last year and I can’t believe I did that. I can’t believe I put it on the market and that some people actually bought it. It is so terrible. The writing is okay, the plot is horrific. So, I’m taking it off the market ASAP and working on something else, maybe tonight if I don’t get too distracted or tired. I have the entire plot hashed out, I have the backstory to almost all of the characters. I have names. I have pretty much everything. I just need to write it now. Plus, I’m working on Writing and Recovering: The Book which has a December 2014 deadline. I’d make it March but I think I’m going to need more time just because of life and stuff.

Well, I’m home. I’m sitting on my bed, well, what will be my bed for three more months, in my room with, well, most of my things. I’ve been living in a dorm since September and it still doesn’t feel like home, and my room doesn’t feel at all like it’s my room.

I’m kind of emotional right now. Just found out what I weigh and that I gained an inch to my waist over the quarter. Kind of want to break something, but I’ll try to survive. Maybe mindless cat videos on the internet will calm me down and I can go to sleep.

Also, I actually told our celebrant not to have people stand for me and she responded that it is customary and that we’d make decisions at the rehearsal in June. No one seems to want to take my side.


5 thoughts on “And That Concludes our Winter Quarter

  1. I guess you could have the celebrant say, “Aja has requested that you remain seated during her entrance.” Or, maybe, don’t have a procession! Just have a poof of smoke, and you appear at the front! (Can you tell I just saw the new Oz movie?)

  2. The dorm experience was weird for me too. My roommate wasn’t great so that made it worse but not having my own bathroom or kitchen was just not ok. So I know you’ll love living off campus, it gives you so much more freedom!

    • Thank you. I think I complain about dorm life way too much, but it’s just really bothersome. But my own kitchen and bathroom are definite musts.

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