Aja’s Day Off

Unfortunately, this beautiful day was spent mainly in my dorm room working on final papers. My day off also isn’t nearly as exciting as Ferris’ because my day off was on a Saturday so I did not skip school. The last time I skipped classes I was sick and didn’t do anything fun. Not even my own personal music number for no apparent reason. Nope, today I spent at my desk working on one of my final papers, which is now done and I have nothing else to worry about except one test on Wednesday. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as sunny as it was today so I can spend it in a little more exciting manner. I did do an hour of Pop Pilates. Besides, there is no better feeling than the feeling of knowing you have no more homework to do for the rest of the weekend. I’d rather be stuck up in my room working than outside with the nagging feeling that I will eventually be stuck up in my room working. It’s just nice to get it all done with at once.

I’ve been putting off starting that workbook I got, but I’ve glanced through the cookbook and it looks amazing! I can’t wait to get an apartment and start cooking. The Actor and I plan on going to look at apartments on Monday since it is dead day and I only have two hours of work that day. I got officially transferred from my current place of work to the main one on campus, which is much more organized and has an extremely positive atmosphere. I am very excited to get to work there. I’ll be serving ice cream and making hot dogs. Maybe it’ll make me tired of ice cream like working in pizza did this quarter. Good, because I like ice cream a little too much.

I think I’ll spend the rest of my weekend and finals week (minus work and finals) lazing around. Well, when I’m not figuring out wedding stuff. 3 more months you guys!! It’s getting so close, I don’t know what to do. I have the tasting coming up and all kinds of exciting things. I have to figure out all the music stuff, still, but I’ve pretty much gotten the important stuff down. Oh boy, I can’t believe it. It’s getting more and more real as time goes by.

Have a fantabulous Sunday!


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