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It is the final week of classes! I couldn’t be happier to say that. This quarter has been interesting to say the least, and honestly, I got to the point where I just stopped caring about three weeks in, especially with one class. When you learn that your best still isn’t good enough and the prof isn’t willing to help you figure out how to make it good enough you just stop caring. I do, anyway. So after this week I am done! Minus finals, which is just two five page papers (easy peasy lemon squeezey), and one test. Unfortunately I have to work until the cafe closes so I can’t just leave when I’m done with finals. Thankfully they’re only open until Thursday next week, and my bank account will be happy.

Now, the picture above just really speaks to me. I’ve been having a hard time, as usual, and cut back on eating sweets major today. I worked out for over an hour between watching Pretty Little Liars and waiting for Cougar Town to start. And it’s not just about working out. You should try in every aspect of your life. I tried really hard this quarter, and it’s paying off. I am now officially an English Major with a Writing Specialization. I am getting transferred from the cafe to the main student union building in the smack middle of campus instead of having to run everywhere from work. We almost got this awesome duplex to live in but it’s whatever. As for my fitness level, well, I still weigh the same and I might have gained a little more muscles. It certainly feels like it, but I really need to eat cleaner which, let’s face it, just isn’t possible on campus. After working in foods I know that absolutely nothing served here is fresh and natural, which bothers me. It’s almost like they want us to gain the Freshman 15. I did just order a cookbook by the fabulous Tosca Reno, creator and author of the Eat Clean Diet books, and I also ordered the Anorexia Workbook. I just found out the my therapist has closed her practice and retired, and there is no one to go to in my uni’s town, so the book is the next best thing.

But it’s so important to try. I have bad days all the time. It doesn’t even matter what area. Recovery, fitness, nutrition, academics, work, you name it. No area of my life is perfect and that’s normal, but it is most definitely important to try, even if you fail. Just don’t fail to try.

I’m off to watch Cougar Town and get ready for the end of this quarter. Once I finish work and finals I get to go home and get caught up in the whirl wind that is wedding planning. We got the first draft of our ceremony today. It’s getting to be so real! Ah!


11 thoughts on “Try

  1. Sasha says:

    I saw the anorexia workbook online and was curious about it. Please do give a review after you’ve read it. I’m very curious about what it is like and if it was helpful.

    That really sucks about your therapist. Were you give advanced warning? I remember when I was in the Service (usaf), I was having a horrible time and asked about my therapist. That is when I found out he was transferred to some place like iceland and I never knew or was told.

    It was awful and kicked in all my abandonment issues. I hope that you are not going through the same thing. It also sounds you are being quite sensible about it.

    • I definitely will write a review. I heard about it about two months ago and pondered it until today when I just decided to buy it.

      I had heard from another ex-patient that she was thinking of retiring but I never heard from her about it. I guess it makes sense since I hadn’t seen her for a while, but now I’m wondering about my records if I ever decide to see someone again. I’m sorry something similar happened to you.

      • Sasha says:

        Oh I would definitely get copies of your records to give to the next person you see. However, I DON’T recommend you read what they wrote. I just came across a bunch of IP paperwork in my file from when I was completely off my rocker and regret reading every one of them. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop and it was horrifying how people saw me and how different my perception was to theirs.

      • Sasha says:

        I just found out from my own therapist that we can’t get those kinds of records. She was shocked when I told her I had my IP paperwork. She said that legally I could never get like her notes of our sessions, for example, so not sure how much success you will have. Maybe if you start writing up summaries of what you two discussed before it slips into forgotten memories, that might be more useful. Good luck though…

  2. I’ve done the workbook partly. I don’t know if it will really cure anyone, but it was definitely a good aid for me IN recovery. So since you are in recovery, you may benefit from it a lot.

    Oh, and, I’m obsessed with Cougar Town!

    • Yay, another Cougar Town fan. So many people don’t watch it because it’s called Cougar Town.
      Yeah, I liked in the description of the book that it’s not meant to cure anyone. It just sounded like it was taking a realistic approach.

  3. We just finished midterms and now we’re going on break so I kinda feel the same way you do right now! And I HATE professors who won’t work with you. That’s frustrating but you just have to get through it unfortunately. I also really like that quote. The best you can do is keep trying sometimes!

  4. I really want to read those Eat Clean books or cookbooks, I’m super interested in clean eating and I want to see if my definition matches with what the experts say. Good luck on your finals and have fun on your time off! My spring break starts at the end of this coming week and I’m just ready to have a break.

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