Oscar Sunday!

I have about an hour before the Oscars start and I am so excited! That was pretty much all I had to look forward to while I was lying in bed for about 18-20 hours a day the past few days. I felt like a cat just sleeping all day and only waking up to use the bathroom and try to eat something. I woke up yesterday feeling immensely better. I could actually sit and do things. So I won’t have to miss any more days of work and maybe I can pick up some overtime for missing Thursday. I really don’t like my job but it’s a job and I need the money. I wouldn’t have called in unless I really had to, and I did. I also have to make up a test that I missed on Thursday which I’m not looking forward to since everyone who did take it are pretty confident that they did not do well on it. The class is terribly designed and none of us know what the prof wants. We got our essays back when I was gone and my friend got a B-/C+ (so what grade is it?) on her paper for reasons that weren’t even related to her paper. I’m not asking for mine back. At this point I just want to get a C and be done with it.

I went to the gym for the first time yesterday, too. I did some pilates on Friday and then on Saturday decided I felt well enough to go to the gym, just no running yet. I was all excited to get back into it and then I reached in my coat pocket for my ipod and saw this:


Somehow the screen on my iPod nano got completely shattered in that corner, which is, of course, the side I have to press on to get the little clip part of it to open so I can clip it onto my shirt while I work out. I know I’m not that strong. I’m guessing it got stepped on somehow because I don’t have a place to hang up my coat so it kind of just ends up places. The entire screen is cracked all the way through. I put tape over it and it still works but it really upsets me. I am the most careful person with my things. I don’t dog ear my books and make sure they’re always stacked right so they don’t get bent or creased. I don’t loan my books to people because they might return it creased and that’s not ok with me. I don’t even know how this happened and it just really, really bothers me. I still have my very first iPod back home which was a shuffle with no screen and I’m thinking I need to go back to using that even though this one still works. This sounds terrible, but I don’t even want to use this one anymore because I’m so upset about it. I’m irrationally upset about it, I suppose. It’s the first thing of mine that has ever been broken. I need to get over it. Still, though, my iPod is what gets me through the day. I started listening to it to and from work and it made life a little more bearable. sigh…

On the bright side, though, the Actor got me to buy 2 new sports bras when we were back home and I used one yesterday.


It’s so colorful! And it’s reversible. It’s purple on the other side. I got a plain non-reversible blue one, too, but I haven’t gotten to use it yet. I’m really glad I got new ones because I only had one other one that worked for running and the like and it’s starting to wear out. I only lifted weights yesterday and I survived so hopefully when I get to go back on Tuesday (dance on Monday) I will be able to get back to running!

Well, I’m going to squeeze in some pilates before going off to watch the Oscars. I’m so excited! This is my Super Bowl.


4 thoughts on “Oscar Sunday!

  1. Kat says:

    I’m relieved you finally feel better,Aja,that’s great! 🙂
    I was super excited “Paperman” got the Oscar for best animated short film. I just love it,it’s SO adorable!

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