My Valentine’s Day

I had a very good Valentine’s Day yesterday. Work wasn’t too horrific. I got to eat chocolate whenever I put out a pizza in the front so that was nice. I mostly stood around, though. I get paid to stand. But my job there is almost over and I need to apply for a new job. It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting transferred so I just have to hope I’ll get hired at the SURC for next quarter.

Anyways, when I woke up on Valentine’s Day I saw this:


I don’t think the Actor has gotten me flowers since our first Valentines Day together:


We went to class and work and afterward, instead of going to the gym he surprised me by driving to the movie theater to see Identity Thief and then drove to dinner at our favorite pasta restaurant.


We each had very good pasta. I figured it was Valentine’s Day so I wasn’t going to bother with being super healthy and just enjoy myself. We split our favorite chocolate cake for dessert. They were serving red velvet cake but it’s never as good as the stuff they have at the California Pizza Kitchen and we just couldn’t pass up the chocolate spoon cake.


Afterwards we watched the new Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. I used to watch that show at my grandparent’s house when Charlie Sheen was still on it. I knew they’d killed him off and replaced him with Aston Kutcher but I’ve still got some catching up to do.


He got me a box of chocolates with my favorite chocolates and Peter Pan which just came out on Blu-ray last week. I love his little card. I started to tear up just a little when I read it. I got him one of those giant Hershey Kisses and a fun card game. We watch Forever Young on the TV Guide channel of all channels, but it’s a cute movie and we enjoyed it.

Now it’s Friday and the Friday to a long weekend! The Actor has rehearsals for Superstar tonight but we’re leaving right after that. It’ll be a moonlit drive and we should probably get some coffee or something. Tea, we don’t drink coffee. I am very excited to go home, though. I haven’t been home since break and I miss everyone. I need a little break from all of this, anyway. And I miss my kitty.


The plan was to leave right after my one class for the day at 3 but then they sprung this rehearsal on us so we have to stay until 10 when it’s supposed to end. But that meant we got to go to the gym today and over the weekend I’ll be getting my pilates on.

Today we ran for 25 minutes then I went and did 3 sets of 15 reps of:

  • hammer curls
  • two-arm triceps extensions
  • lying flies
  • bent over row
  • shoulder press
  • torso twists

And 3 sets of 20 reps of:

  • row backs
  • mid-back press
  • low-back press

I am doing this 30 Day Dumbbell Challenge that I found online, but it’s not every single day because of my schedule so I’m only on Day 3 and I started on Sunday. It’s pretty fun, though. I like it because I don’t know too much about using free weights other than your standard curls and such, but this is teaching me a lot.

The Actor has gained quite a bit of muscle really fast while I’ve been taking a while. I guess that’s just because he’s a guy and I’m a girl, but it’s kind of unfair and it bothers me. Things I have no power over shouldn’t bother me but it does. I’m just weird like that. But then I remember that I don’t really care to be huge and ripped and then I calm down.

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday and have a wonderful weekend! Oh! And be sure to pop over to my wedding blog on our wedding website located in the “Wedding Related” tab up above. I’ve got a few new posts!


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