Weekends go by too Fast

So it’s Sunday evening now. My weekend is over. That’s how stuff goes, though. Time moves regardless of what is going on in the whether and what speed you want it to go by at. Remembering that actually helps me get through the week, especially work. I know that 2 o’clock will always come no matter what. It’s not like a time is just going to disappear.

On Friday night I saw a one-act festival put on by my uni’s theater department. It was all right. Two of them were good, the other two were okay. I got to eat gummies so it was worth it. On Saturday I had to work which was kind of lame but I got to work with someone and I worked the closing shift so I was plenty busy and it went by plenty fast. I doubt the same thing will happen tomorrow. Afterward I watched Donnie Brasco with the Actor which was good but a little too bloody and violent for me. I’m not a huge gangster film person. Some are tolerable, others I just don’t care to see. Today I spent a fair amount of time looking up wedding stuff online. We are now 4 months away, or I guess just under that, and I realized I am running out of time. I know things will get done but pair it all with work and school and all the other stuff I have to get done and it’s not very exciting. I will survive though. I just need an extra day in the week is all.

The Actor and I went to the gym again today. I really like that it’s just becoming a habit to go to the gym every other day. It would be every day but Mondays and Wednesdays are too full of things to do for me to make it to the gym. I have a dance class on those days though so I’m okay. We both did cardio for 25 minutes as a warm up. The Actor was on the elliptical and I was on that thing that is like doing high knees. We watched 25 minutes of Walking Dead. Also probably too violent and scary for me, but I watched it anyway. While listening to old J-Pop music from freshman year of high school that’s still on my iPod. It was an interesting mix. After that I did 3 sets of 15:

  • dumbbell curls
  • tricep kickbacks
  • bench press
  • kneeling one arm row (both sides)
  • lateral raise
  • dumbbell side bend (both sides)
  • row backs
  • mid-back press
  • low-back press

It was pretty intense. I basically didn’t break at all, but I didn’t use weights on the last 3. If I could just go to the gym everyday instead of class I would love it. I’d say work, too, but I need money. The Actor and I are buying our plane tickets in a few days. I had to write a check for my half today. It was tough but I know it’s all going to be worth it. 4 months from now I’ll be passed out in Disney’s New Orleans Resort – Riverside in a Royal Room with a headboard that lights up like fireworks. Yeah, it’s worth it. Even if it was basically my last two paychecks. I wish I could get paid up to when I last worked instead of 2 weeks ago. That would be nice.

I had a lot of spinach today. I made Blogilates new spinach and cranberry salad today which was delish, and for dinner I had a veggie wrap on wheat, with spinach. Spinach is good for you so I’m not complaining. It just helped me get ready to tackle this week. I have a three-day weekend coming up and after that week only 2 more weeks of class before finals week and then Spring Break. I can do it!

How was your weekend?


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