4 Years

It doesn’t even seem like it’s been that long, really, but when I think back on everything that has happened it really has been a while. I went through my entire high school career with the Actor in my life and now it just makes sense to have him in it. I can hardly remember how life was before him but that probably has to do with the fact that I was 14 and my father was still living with us until about 5 months before I met the Actor so I’ve blocked most of that out of my memory.


I posted this on Facebook on the day of our anniversary. It’s from our engagement session and I just added a few fancy things to it on photoshop.

I did a big editing no-no to this picture and flipped it but I was taking it in a mirror and this way you can see what it actually says. I ordered this along with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” t-shirts in Walt Disney Script to wear on our honeymoon. They even have little mickey ears and a bow on mine. The wedding date is on the back of my sweatshirt so I can always wear it. I thought about getting one that said, “The future…” but then I couldn’t wear it after getting married.


We exchanged cards and little gifts before going to dinner. We worked out just before and I went and showered so my hair looks a little funky because it’s still drying when the picture was taken.


Next to the Ellensburg Pasta Company, the Palace Café is probably the only other place in town that isn’t a cheap chain restaurant that is relatively nice to eat at. The prices sure did reflect that.

DSCN0059 DSCN0060

Of course we both wore our t-shirts from Disneyland.


Yeah, it’s pretty cute.


There was only one vegetarian option which was fettucini alfredo with mushrooms and zucchini and it was delicious. The Actor got a steak and the veggies and fries were really good. I stole a few.


We split this caramel chocolate cake for dessert and it was so good. I wish I could have more.

Afterward we watched The Big Bang Theory because it finally came back with a new episode after being on hiatus for I think 3 weeks but I might be exaggerating by a week. It was a good day, really. Even work was okay. I was busy for the entire shift so I wasn’t standing and being bored. I liked that. I would rather work in a busy place than stand around for a long time. I might get stressed or at least look like I’m really freaked out, but I really do enjoy a busy environment. I think I work a lot better in them, well, when it comes to working anyway. Homework not so much.

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years, and that by March 1st we’ll be 100 days away from the wedding. It’s coming up so fast. I knew it would, but now it’s like, BAM!

Happy February everyone. I’m really excited for Valentine’s day and maybe I’ll watch the Puppy Bowl tomorrow if I have time. There is a kitten half-time show, how can you watch real football when there are puppies and kitties on animal planet?


5 thoughts on “4 Years

  1. Kat says:

    You are such a cute couple! It’s so wonderful to see what you two share with each other,especially in the face of our current “a-relationship-doesn’t-need-to-hold-longer-than-a-week”-generation…

    • Thank you! I know, people are weird these days. I guess we’re just really old fashioned in that sense. We went into our relationship with the intention of finding someone to marry, not just to date because it’s cool.

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