Weekend of Exploration

Well, this weekend wasn’t as Disney-filled as the last one, though I have started to research Walt Disney World in preparation for our honeymoon. I have never been there and it is so big I want to at least know where everything is so we don’t waste any time getting lost.

On Saturday I went for a walk around my college town which is ridic tiny with a population of about 18,000 people. We don’t even have a Target! It took me two minutes to walk from the Dollar Tree to Safeway. It would take me at least an hour to do that back home. I never thought I would say it in this way but, I miss home. It took me less than an hour to walk around all of downtown. Can you even call it “downtown”? I don’t think so. It’s too small a town to have a “downtown”.


Isn’t it adorable? Downtown is like four blocks.


The pretty end of campus (not the end I spend most of my time in unfortunately. I only go down here for plays and to pay tuition).

It has been sad and ugly here the past week and a half. I was just saying the other day that I loved how it was sunny here almost every day but lately all I’ve been see are clouds. I get enough of that at home. I don’t need it here. It is funny, though, because natives of the area complain about it and I really haven’t given it too much thought.


A Mickey shaped Peep my mom gave me for Christmas. I had to take a picture before eating. It was just too cute.


We went grocery shopping on Tuesday and found this brilliant picture. I’m sending it to Ellen. How can you not notice something like this when you’re putting the sale tag up? Maybe I’ll work at Fred Meyer and find out, which is very likely to happen. I am not going to work where I do currently for much longer if I can help it. I’ll finish the quarter but then I’m leaving if I can find another job by then. Otherwise I’ll stick it out in the Spring, too, I suppose.

I just finished watching the SAG Awards with the Actor. We’re going to see Argo tomorrow so I’ll know why it won. I’m not questioning it, I just haven’t seen it. I’m gonna be so tired tomorrow. Pandora is playing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” now which reminded me that Dick Van Dyke won a lifetime achievement award and that was just wonderful. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke were two of the first actors that I became aware of a child, you know, the fact that those are real people pretending to be other people, so I hold a special place for them in my heart. I was just so thrilled to hear his speech. I am seriously going to bawl my eyes out when he dies.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine went by way too fast but at least I got all of my homework done and then some. In all honesty I am so ready for this quarter to be over. I’m counting down.

The Actor and I went to the gym yesterday and ran for 15 minutes on the elliptical before going off to weight train for about an hour. 2 sets of 15: dumbbell curls, hammer curls, dumbbell curls with a twist, concentration curls, overhead raise, shoulder press, tricep kickbacks, row backs, mid-back press, low-back press, shoulder raises, abdominal crunches, torso rotations, and squats to Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R” with a 12lb barbell and calf raises with the same barbell to a song I can’t remember right now. On Friday we went and just ran for an hour while watching some show on TV. I had gone specifically at 4 to watch Ellen’s birthday episode but they didn’t show it in the gym that day. I was very sad.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I’m kind of in a low mood at the moment. It just hasn’t been my day. I took today off from exercising but I don’t think I can do that again. I know that rest days are important but I kind of rely on the way exercise makes me feel. Maybe I’ll do some yoga tonight if I can. 


4 thoughts on “Weekend of Exploration

  1. Wow, that’s crazy how small your college town is! I thought mine was small with about 100,000 people (well, smaller than my hometown anyway) but we have a couple Targets and a Whole Foods at least. But your downtown looks cute, I love little old-fashioned downtowns like that.

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