Christmas is Coming!


Day 22: Eggnog or hot chocolate?

I’m more of a hot chocolate person. Eggnog kind of grosses me out. Oddly enough though I’m okay with eggnog milkshakes.

So I haven’t blogged in a few days. I honestly haven’t known what to write about and I’ve been enjoying being home and relaxing. I went with my bridesmaids on Wednesday to get dresses figured out. On Thursday the Actor and I went to Mens Wearhouse to figure out the men’s attire. It’s nice to have it all taken care of. We went in to get our wedding rings figured out but every time we go in we get badgered about applying for a credit card which we already know we’re not qualified for and they never take “no” as an answer. I think they look at us because we’re young and figure we’re stupid and try to take advantage of us. So we’re going to order them online and if they don’t fit we’ll take them to a family owned jewelry store to get them sized. It is really nice to have all of it coming together. We’re just over 5 months away from it now and it’s exciting and weird. Every night I lie in my bed and think this is the last December I’ll be sleeping here. It’s kind of sad and a little anxiety inducing to think that in a year we’ll be in an apartment together living off of our own means and my old bedroom will be completely empty and changed. But I’m excited. I can’t believe how fast it’s coming up. I’m like realizing that it’s actually going to happen.

So I’m kind of in a wedding spin right now and the fact that Christmas is so close kind of escapes me every now and then right now. I got all of my shopping done two weeks ago which was nice and a good thing since I’m kind of forgetting about Christmas right now. I’m excited for Christmas, too. I made the mistake of looking up the origin of Christmas and it made me not want to celebrate it but if I just think that Christmas is largely a marketing holiday now I can deal with it. (Don’t look it up, seriously. I know why the Christians made it all about Jesus now.) We actually had carolers come to the door last night which was really cute. We’ve got great plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It’ll be really relaxed and nice but it’ll go by fast and then the holiday season will be over which is always the saddest part of the holiday season because then we switch instantly into diet ads.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend and if I don’t blog again before Christmas Merry Christmas!


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