Weekend Fun


I woke up at the un-chocolatey hour of 7am on Saturday so I could catch a bus with my fellow honors students to Seattle to see the King Tut exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. If you follow me on Twitter, because you really should, you would know that I really, really, really want to live in Seattle now. Or any city. I used to think I would hate it but after spending 8 weeks in my half-the-size-of-Helena, Montana college “town” I would move to the heart of New York City right now and LOVE it. I am a city girl, I can’t deny it any longer.

Well, I was completely surprised to see that the Center House, which I assume has been there since the Seattle World’s Fair 50 years ago had completely changed and is now called the “Armory”. There was a Hmong New Years celebration going on and a new restaurant called “Pie”, simply “Pie”, that my friend and I hate to eat at. She had a macaroni and cheese pie and I went for peanut butter. I also had a sandwich from Subway. I missed good food SO much. I can’t wait until I have a kitchen. Campus food is killing me. (Again, follow me on Twitter. Most of my tweets during weekdays around lunch and dinner time are about me being mad at campus food)

The exhibit was really cool. It was dark in there though and I was already tired, so I mainly just remember being sleepy. It was interesting to stop every few seconds and think, “Wow, someone actually used this stuff and believed in it.” There were simple pieces of jewelry and chairs and beds in there that all served practical purposes to those people and now we’re looking at them in amazement and getting yelled at for touching the glass between us and the object. It just made me think that what if one day our desks and beds are in museums? They seem so practical and functional and boring to us but to people 500 years from now they might be fascinating.

Today, the Actor and I woke up to realize it was only 10 instead of 11 and then remembered that Daylight Savings happened. Daylight Savings is stupid. It’s going to get dark earlier now. I don’t like that idea. After trying to remember that it was hour earlier than every time we thought it was we did some grocery shopping and saw Wreck-It-Ralph in the dingy little theater in town. It was very cute and was done very well. I seriously fell in love with Vanellope, the little girl in the game Sugar Rush, which is basically Mario Kart with candy. She’s adorable. The short before it, Paperman, was also really awesome. It was a cute story and the animation was beautiful.

They showed a preview for Oz, the Great and Powerful which I am so excited for! It looks great, and who doesn’t love James Franco?

Time for another week. I feel like I barely got a weekend because Saturday was spent on a bus and walking around the Seattle Center, but at least I get a 3-day weekend next!

Also! I am seriously considering opening an Etsy shop (I know, with finals and NaNo, too!) where I would sell invitations and greeting cards because I seriously love graphic design and have had so much fun doing the invitation suite for the wedding that I don’t want to stop! I’m on the fence about it though. What do you think?

How was your weekend? Should I open an Etsy shop?


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