This is Halloween

And Halloween marks the end of October! What? That’s cray cray right there.

I hope you are all having a fun Halloween and eating lots of candy! I am in pain right now because I am wearing a corset as part of my costume and I’ve been sitting painfully straight for two hours. I used to have really good posture all the time and I have better posture than most but I’m talking straight as a pole right now. My back does and does not appreciate it.


I am Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. The Actor was Sweeney Todd even though he looks more like Mark Ruffalo than Johnny Depp. This picture is from a party we went to on Saturday but I am wearing my costume today. I did not wear it to pilates but to math and uni 101 I did. I’m regretting not wearing something with sleeves, it’s kind of cold.


I’m going to a Halloween party my dorm is throwing in a few minutes. We’ll see how that goes. I’m being social! It’s weird but I’m enjoying it.

Today the Actor and I “celebrated” 3 years and 9 months together. By “celebrated” I mean we ate dinner together and had Halloween themed cupcakes because on Wednesdays he has class from 10am to 5pm and then has rehearsal from 6 to 10-11. I’ve mainly been sitting in my room when I’m not in class preparing for NaNoWriMo.

Oh yes, the craziness starts tomorrow. Last year was very easy because I went to high school where nothing productive happens and I had LOADS of free time. I have lots of free time now, too, but the end of the quarter is upon me. I have two presentations, two papers, and three finals ahead of me. I can hash out a paper in an hour or two. Presentations don’t take a lot of work and one of them is on a subject I absolutely adore, and none of the finals are going to be hard. I still anticipate a little stress and craziness though. Plus there is going home for Thanksgiving and on Saturday I am going to see the King Tut exhibit at the Seattle Center with basically the entire Honors College. They have a “cultural event” every quarter which is mandatory otherwise you fail your honors courses for the quarter. I have to be up early to get on the bus and the Actor will not be joining me so it’ll be interesting. I’ll probably just write the entire way there.

So, with October ending I need to reassess my goals for the month.

1. Get back into my hard-core workouts!  I did that. I work out 6 days a week, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for 2. Mondays and Wednesdays I have pilates and then I go run for an hour and watch Ellen. Other days I just run for an hour or do an hour of pilates in my room. If it’s raining really hard or snowing I just stay in my room, otherwise I trek to the gym. I love my running sessions with the Ellen Show. It makes it more fun.

2. Start passing my history quizzes. I have been getting 90-105 out of 100 on all of my quizzes since that first one when I left my notes in my dorm. I really, really love that class, too. I’m always telling the Actor about awesome historic things they don’t teach you in public school.

3. Hang out with people more. I have done a fairly good job with this. I hang out in the lounge pretty often and have gone to a party or two now.

4. Get a job. Almost there. I’ve looked into a few things, but I’m going home in like 2-3 weeks for Thanksgiving, coming back for 2, then going home until 2013. I am definitely getting a job in 2013 though.

5. Stop freaking out! Check! I think I’ve finally adjusted to college. Just in time for me to go home for several weeks!

I hope you all had/have an amazing Halloween and I’ll see you in November!


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