October 1-5, It’s Getting Cold

Since we’re in October now and have been officially in Autumn for a few weeks it makes sense that it’s starting to get cold. On the first day of Autumn it was 80 here but today I don’t think it got higher than 63, and it’s windy which helps blow away the smoke from the 100+ fires that are still burning here, but it does add to the chill. I’ve had to put on my new awesome jeggings (so buying more next weekend when I go home to see Wicked) and leggings and pull out my coats. I’m really glad my mom brought mine when she visited last week.






1 & 2: Silk Fruit and Protein Strawberry Banana flavor. I love this stuff. It does have that weird aftertaste you get with protein powders but it’s delicious. And I sent pictures on facebook to my mom via text a lot. I miss this situation. I need my kitty-cat.

3 & 4: I just liked how my locket looked on my favorite sweater, which I’m wearing in the “About Me” page. The Actor and I had to watch the presidential debate on YouTube because he was in rehearsal when it aired and I was doing Pilates.

5 & 6: What I wrote on our whiteboard yesterday. My roomie and I love Halloween so I decided to do a countdown because I’m oddly obsessed with them and I just had to write that little quote underneath it. I also got very excited to find peanut butter M&Ms in my dorm’s vending machine yesterday. I used up all my nickels and dimes buying a bag. So worth it.

7 & 8: I get random grocery store ads. Not sure why since I don’t have a pantry in my room. Unless you count one of the drawers on my bed that is currently stocked with Larabars and jars of peanut butter and hot chocolate packets.

9 & 10: Pumpkin Pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen tonight! Complete with whip and nutmeg. When I have a kitchen next year I’m making pumpkin butter! This last picture is my favorite. I got a late birthday card from my aunt and cousin who sent me a Target gift card, because I’m obsessed with Target, and these cute things to put on my shoes for the wedding! In Disney Print too! So crazy excited! I wish I had my shoes with me. I’d stick them on right now and just walk around my room with them and lift them up to the mirror to see. I’m seriously crazy excited about these.

Another week down, another weird week of body image perception. I went to the gym today and as I was changing to go I was looking in the mirror thinking, “Ok, I look pretty good. I’m pretty thin. I look healthy.” I ran 3 miles, came back, looked in the mirror and thought I looked like a fat cow. How does this happen you ask? I have no idea.

I looked into the counseling center today. The information I got was that I will do 1 one-on-one intake session and then will be assigned to a group with other people who are facing problems different from mine. We’ll do readings which will not cover any topic specific to any disorder/problem, have discussions on the readings,.and then go home. I know it’s all they’ve got here but I’m not really comfortable with the idea. I like the one-on-one sessions where I don’t feel like anyone is judging me and where I can feel valid in my own problems instead of hearing from other people who have it much worse and me thinking, “Damn my life is freaking perfect. What do I think I’m doing here? I need to leave!”

I might still do it if I think I really need it, but that just wasn’t what I’m looking for.


5 thoughts on “October 1-5, It’s Getting Cold

  1. Thanks for the birthday gift! You rock! Seriously, you made me happy that you even looked into the counseling center. I totally get what you mean about the group sessions. That sounds very unproductive.

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