Late Week Recap 9/24-9/30

Oh my goodness it’s the end of September already?! How the heck did that happen? Wasn’t I just typing up my end of August post? So I guess that calls for a recap of this week along with a going over of my goals for the month.







photos 1 & 2: A pretty view of the sunset on my way to my 6pm class. I had Reese’s cereal for breakfast on my birthday. Gotta celebrate! And what a better way than with chocolate and peanut butter?

photos 3 & 4: The row of trees in front of the Actor’s dorm have been changing rapidly. I keep meaning to get out with my camera and just shoot photos galore but I haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe tomorrow after the gym in the evening when the light is best.

photos 5 & 6: Made myself lunch. A peanut butter sandwich and green tea. Just a random selfie next to it.

photos 7 & 8: My mom sent me a bunch of funny photos from Pinterest. I have them on my wall next to my computer. I liked the light coming through the blinds during my nap yesterday. My roommate said I crawled into bed and died, which is pretty true. I’ve already caught a cold. At least I’m not due to get sick again until early next year now.

photos 9 & 10: photos my family has sent me of my kitty. I miss her! I wish I could bring her to live with me.

photos 11 & 12: The Actor and I went to see Hotel Transylvania today and the theater here is really weird. They had all these cardboard things from the 2000s and then Dark Shadows with a chair that said to sit in it and post our pictures to Facebook. I have to admit I really enjoyed Dark Shadows and it’s coming out on Tuesday so I couldn’t resist. Native ‘burgians that were in the same area gave us weird looks.

So, onto goals:

1. Keep up with my workouts. Worked until Wednesday. It gets so dark here so fast, plus I caught a nasty cold. It’s so smoky here I didn’t want to be walking to the gym, working out, and then walking through the smoke while I recover to get back to my room to shower. I’m going back tomorrow though to do some light stuff. It’s all above the neck so it’s still safe to work out and I’m going with the Actor who’ll protect me from creepers on the way back. I just won’t do any hard core stuff until I’m all better. Gotta stay in shape for my wedding!

2. Not freaking out if I can’t exercise. I did semi-okay with this one. I always freak out when I get sick because I can’t just get up the next day and go for it. I have to wait until I get better. If I miss a day when I’m healthy it’s like, it’s okay, I’ll go tomorrow. No big. When I’m sick though I get mad because I can’t control it. Oh control issues…

3. Not freaking out with the change. This was kind of a stupid goal considering I didn’t put anything in place to help me with the transition. My body freaked out with the change and did some weird stuff and then I’m all mood swingy and crazy, bawling my eyes out on my birthday. I guess a better goal would have been something like seeing a therapist if I had trouble. I still haven’t called the health center. It sounds like a lot of work that I don’t have time for.

4. Have fun! You bet I’ve been having fun! College is SO much better than high school, and now I’m here with my fiancé and it’s a little glimpse into what our lives are going to be like in ~8 months. I’m enjoying my classes and getting kind of involved, but I’m having fun whether I’m in my room jamming to show tunes or in the SURC on Monday Movie Madness night.

5. Make friends. I have made a few friends. My roommate and I are pretty chill and I’ve made a friend in my math class who is also a writer but is here to be a teacher. I already knew a few people from my Spring Break visit. I’m not super involved right now cause I’m just taking it easy adjusting to live and getting over my cold but hopefully next month I’ll get more involved.

I can’t wait to start my major. I’m applying Spring quarter. No way am I waiting until I’m a junior! I’m not paying an outrageous amount to not work toward my degree.

How was your September?

I’m off to get ready for the season premier of Once Upon a Time. Anyone else love that show as much as I do?


4 thoughts on “Late Week Recap 9/24-9/30

    • It was really cute. We liked it. I think Dimples would enjoy it. I won’t right away because the apartments around here don’t allow animals, at least none of the ones I’ve found, but I’m planning on grabbing her as soon as we get a place that does and we can afford it.
      Yesterday it was really clear and awesome and we could breathe. Today not so much. There are something like 100+ fires burning right now. I don’t think we’re due t get any relief until we get some rain.

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