Wildcats in the House!

I even brought my HSM Wildcats Cheerleader jacket I bought in Disneyland back in 8th grade. When I was packing up my closet I realized I have about 8 items of clothing from Disneyland. I don’t have a problem. No.





photos 1 & 2: a terrible picture of my dorm which is brand new so I’m the first person to sleep on my mattress and use the desk and stuff. It has awesome automatic filtered water bottle fillers with the water fountains which I take advantage of frequently. On the downside the water in the shower would not warm up this morning and I’m not alone, which makes me feel a little better. At least cold showers make you burn more calories. The second photo is my side of the room before I’ve unpacked.

photos 3 & 4: Messy doorway before I unpacked. It looks nicer now. The lounge on my floor is amazing!

photos 4 & 5: Did I mention my dorm is Hunger Games themed? I’m in District 4. Still need to read the book but I’ve seen the movie and I loved it. I am taking the sign on our door when I move out. My roommate, who is very nice, does not get it. Haha.

photos 6 & 7: My desk is not that clean anymore, and my bed with my awesome two-headed doll my aunt gave me. I forgot the butterfly in a jar she gave me last Thanksgiving, though and I’m sad. I’ll get it when I go back.

I’m really annoyed that I am here at college because classes don’t start until Wednesday. What are we doing for 5 days you ask? Nothing of consequence. Seriously, I haven’t found anything that has happened to be helpful or educational in any way. I’ve got to hang with some of the honors college kids which is nice so I’ve made a few friends, but that would have happened even if we didn’t have 5 days of orientation. I’m getting up early and doing stuff and then when they don’t have anything planned for a while I sit and do nothing. I’m super tired from 1pm onward and am all stressed and freaked out because I don’t have a schedule right now. I mean I don’t have any kind of daily order, whatever I was calling it earlier when I was complaining to a friend. I can’t work out because I can’t find the time and I get too frustrated to think straight when I do have the time. I will feel a lot better when classes start and I can figure out my daily routine (that’s what I was calling it).

I’m also not doing very well in terms of food. I was taking care of my body like a good person, exercising and eating right but now that I’m not exercising why eat right? I feel like I’m only pretty (because for a while I was able to look in the mirror and think I was pretty and accept myself) if I exercise. So if I can’t why eat? I’m also annoyed that they’re making us pay for our meals when classes aren’t even going yet and I don’t have a lot of money so paying for food is hard. I have three boxes of Larabars with me so I think I’ll be eating those until Wednesday. They’re basically a meal calorically. On Monday and Tuesday at least I should get some kind of chance to go to the gym. Maybe then I’ll feel better. I’m so freaked out and stressed. I’ll feel better when the Actor gets here, too. I’m not good with change, hence “Writing and Recovering” and my ED.

I just want to start my classes, get my degree, and move on.


4 thoughts on “Wildcats in the House!

    • Danger Will Robinson! It certainly is. It is, too, when the only dining place open is the most expensive one ($10.20 a meal) and you have the smallest meal plan! Then it’s like justifying not eating.

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