Motivation to Keep up your Exercise Routine

Now, this is just my theory, my weird theory, but Spring and Summer are big exciting times to look your best and show off your accomplishments in health and fitness on the beach and in the pool or at the park, whatever. Then Fall and Winter roll around. It’s cold. You’ve got holidays and delicious traditional family treats and meals coming out. You’re just excited to see family you haven’t seen since the last Thanksgiving and to eat all this delicious food you haven’t had since then either. It’s snowing outside so it’s acceptable to cover up in a sweater. No one is going to see your muscles or how much weight you lost. Doesn’t matter.

I don’t know about you but I tend to lose motivation when Fall and Winter are here. I still work out and push myself, but my eating tends to slide a bit, as it tends to when holidays come around and that is perfectly okay because you have to treat yourself a little every now and then. I worry about losing all the progress I made over the Spring and Summer, so I’m still going to work very hard, but I don’t think that everyone has the same paranoia as me and can lose motivation from time to time. Right now I don’t really want to work out because my body still hates me and is being super annoying but I still manage half the workout I normally do which isn’t terrible. It is perfectly okay, really. It’s better than nothing.

Also, if you don’t want to work out then clean up your diet. If you’re still eating processed foods don’t eat them that day, and ideally ever again. Even when things get rough you need to keep going in any way that you can. If you really want it you will find a way to do it. It’s like recovery, it’s worth it. When you don’t want to do it it still needs to be done because it is good for you and important.

Now, for a while I used this website that put a very interesting spin on tracking your nutrition and exercise. Most just have you log it and it tell you how many calories and then you log your exercise and it tells you an estimate of how many calories you might have burned. That’s all fine and good, but it was never enough for me when I was counting calories and doing all that crazy math and obsessing over it all the time. I don’t obsess anymore. If I happen to know the caloric amount in food that’s just it. I try to focus on eating the right foods and being good to my body, and this website helps with that.

It’s called SlimKicker. It makes it almost like a game where you earn points for what you eat and how much you exercise and it reminds you to reward yourself whenever you level up. What you eat awards you a different amount of points and so does how much you exercise. Of all the tracking websites I have used this one was my favorite. The Actor can support me on this. He was able to lose quite a bit of his freshman weight once he started it and kept up with it. So, for those of you that want to have a little more fun getting fit, I’d suggest SlimKicker. They have challenges, too that often include a chance to win prizes.

No matter what you use to track your fitness no matter what level you’re at don’t give up just because it’s getting colder and those bathing suits are going away. Keep it up so that next summer when that bathing suit comes out you look even better in it than you did this year. Your body and self-esteem will thank you for it. When you think about how bad you don’t want to do it now think of how sorry you’ll be later.


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