September 3-7 My Week in Photos






photos 1&2: The Actor and me at the Cheesecake Factory, and I go to Gilly Hicks too much. Their yoga pants were on sale. I couldn’t pass that up.

photos 3&4: new stretchy pants size S instead of 0,1,2,etc. I like S, M, or L instead of all those crazy numbers. Shopping with my mom in a GIANT Forever 21. Bigger than the one at the Mall of America!

photos 5&6: Packing for college. My room is a mess. My weights. I need to get heavier ones. 5 pounds just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

photos 7&8: Seattle and a used book store called Twice Sold Tales where I found 4 cats just chillin’. It was awesome.

photos 9&10: Ice cream at Molly Moon’s. And our neighborhood kitty hanging out on the porch just rollin’ around. She usually runs away from us but she just moved so I could get to the door and went right back to her spot. I looked out the window later and she was sitting on the railing.

My body seems to hate me this week. Sweaty September was going great until Tuesday afternoon and then I’ve had to stop and slow down. I took two days off and did about half the workout I usually do yesterday but I’ve been feeling better. I don’t understand my body’s behavior because I have been taking care of it. I guess that I wasn’t used to the intensity I was doing before yet so kicking it up another notch just freaked it out. It was not fun. I was in a lot of pain and feeling very sick. It’s better now so I can get back into it. I’m going to lessen the intensity until I “plateau” with this level and then push it up a bit more.

How was your week?


4 thoughts on “September 3-7 My Week in Photos

  1. Kit-Kat says:

    Looks like you had a good week (sorry about the workout stuff not going in your favor. Hope you feel better!). Kitties must really like you! They seem to be around wherever you are! Which reminds me, this video is really sweet 😉 It’s of Taylor Swift’s little cat.

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