It’s Sweaty September!

Cassey Ho at Blogilates has deemed September “Sweaty September” and this month’s workout calendar proves it. 1 hour of back and forth strength training and cardio, meaning 1 pilates/strength video then 1 cardio video until you’ve reach the whole hour. Oh my goodness! The first of September was my pure cardio day, so I did my first ever Zumba session for a whole hour. Man was I sweating when I was done but I felt awesome. Sunday was my rest day and I loved, loved, loved it! I cleaned a little and watched movies with my mom and just had an overall awesome day. Monday was the first day doing this new Sweaty September madness and I was sweating up a storm when I was done but I felt awesome. Cardio is so important and I’m keeping my muscles toned and strengthening my body at the same time. It’s going to be a great month! Even if I can’t keep up pilates in the coming weeks (I will find a way!) I will be able to do more weight training since there is a gym at my uni that I pay for as part of my tuition and lots of nice places to run.

My brother is even getting into the whole Sweaty September! He starts school tomorrow and where he goes PE is mandatory every day and his periods are an hour long. He signed up for conditioning this year, which I was never brave enough to do, so he’ll have 45 minutes every day of intense mania! I never did it except for one day where it was Choice Day and one of the options was the conditioning class’s hill running. I didn’t even mean to do it, I just found myself walking out the door and all of a sudden I was running up and down these ridiculous hills in the neighborhood behind the campus. I almost died but felt great afterward. So my bro has that every day 5 days a week. I’m so proud!

This summer I bought some more workout gear since I seem to wear that more often than regular clothes.

Two new pairs of running shorts. They’re supposed to be super fancy with crazy technology to make running more comfortable or something so we’ll see how I like them.

A new tank with a weird criss-cross back that I’m going to have to be careful of when I try to put it on. Backs like that always confuse me. It’s got a built-in bra which is just ridiculous cause I’m gonna wear my sports bra, too. Unless this is a really good one. I don’t trust built-in bras.

After running in the mountains with my aunt and cousin my shoes were crazy dusty and dirty!


For a frame of reference, they used to be black. So I have to wash them, but my mom got me a super early birthday present that I am SO excited about!

Nike Flex Experience! In grey and neon green. I am loving this new trend with the crazy colored running shoes. I love all the neon colors in workout gear. I really think it makes exercising more fun. Black is nice and who doesn’t look good in black, but bright colors for the win! I love these shoes, too, because they really allow my feet to move! Most running shoes are clunky and have all kinds of support which is good but I feel like I’m lifting big weights on my feet, which isn’t a problem if it gives me a better workout, but I still don’t like carrying big clunky things on my feet when I run. It’s almost like I’m not wearing anything in these shoes, it’s great.

I know this is a new thing that most companies are doing now because apparently people run the best barefoot, as long as you have a natural stride which many people do not which is where supports in shoes come in. It’s the evolution of those toe shoes. I can’t wait to take them outside and really run with them!

So far I am loving Sweaty September. I’ve got an engagement shoot coming up and college and a birthday. It’s going to be awesome. I can’t wait to see my little brother getting all buff, too!


3 thoughts on “It’s Sweaty September!

  1. I think you should wear some of those workout clothes for a couple of the engagement shoot pics! 😉 Love that criss-cross thing, but I would probably end up with my head sticking out of the armpit.

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