Why I’m Doing What I’m Doing

Many people going into college don’t know what they want to do with their future. A lot of them go in with no clue what they want to major in. They just know that they need to go to college and hope they’ll figure it out eventually. I am not one of those people.

As many of you know I want to become a published author. So I am going to be majoring in English with a Writing Specialization. You may ask what I’m going to do with an English major. Well, I’m going to write, and as my future-aunt-in-law and future-cousin-in-law, if those are actual terms, you can do pretty much anything you want with an English degree and be able to do it well. Just because the jobs out there aren’t labeled “wanted English person” doesn’t mean I can’t do anything with my degree. Leave me alone! So, hopefully I learn some good writing skills that I can put to use in my books.

What many of you may not know is I am also going to be getting my personal trainer’s certification and get certified to teach several different group classes as well. I love to write, I really do, but I also love helping people and teaching people. My AP Lit teacher was right, I am going to become a teacher, just not an English teacher. While I would love to educated the world so that they know how to use punctuation correctly and write a coherent sentence so that when they become managers and bosses places they won’t send out terribly written newsletters to their employees who will secretly make fun of them in their heads because they will know how to write better than their superior, which actually makes them superior, I just know that only a small margin of people will care. I don’t want to sit in a room educating a few students who care and fighting with the rest of the class to get them to pay attention and learn. I want to help people who actually care, and I am also extremely passionate about health. People that will come to me for personal training will do so because they want to get it done. Losing weight and getting in shape will be something that they want to do, so I won’t have to work with anyone that doesn’t.

I seriously love helping people learn how to take care of themselves. I’ve said it before, this is your one body so treat it right. This is your one life, don’t waste it taking medication after medication just trying to stay alive when you could take care of your body properly and be able to do pretty much anything you want and live a full, happy life.

I do love writing, I do, but health is something I am so much more passionate about. I hate seeing people just throw away opportunities because their bodies won’t allow them to do it, even if they don’t know it yet. I’m not talking about just a hike up a beautiful mountain, I’m talking about everyday things in the future just hanging out with family members because they won’t live to see those days.

My omi was a prisoner of war in Germany when she was a very little girl. She struggled with weight when she was younger which you would never know now. She is approaching her 80s now, not that you would know it. She is incredibly strong and incredibly healthy. She eats right and takes walks twice a day with her little dog through the mountains of Montana, and just enjoys life every day. She inspires me so much. I can only hope to be as healthy as she is when I get to her age. She has never even done any hard core work outs like I do every day. And this woman cooks pure German cuisine nearly daily!

I am going to continue to write. I can never give that up. It is such a huge part of me and I love it so much. I am also going to love helping people get in shape so that they can live their life to the fullest. That’s what I want to do. I just enjoy it so much.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m Doing What I’m Doing

  1. That is amazing! I love it when I make a difference in doing something, especially something I enjoy, and I’m glad you have found something you like doing, too! Writing and helping others out are both really great things! 😀

    • I can’t tell if it’s real self-confidence or if I’m trying to talk myself into some, but I’m excited that I know what I want. That’s a good thing.

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