Weekend Birthday

My fiancé’s birthday just passed so we had a weekend long “celebration”. He’s been a little preoccupied working on his first professional acting job and completely forgot that the reason we were all going out to brunch yesterday was for his birthday.

Since this was his last birthday before we’re married and have to watch our money like crazy I went a little nuts and bought his everything he’d written on his wish list.

We went to Salty’s by the beach for their brunch. I’d eaten breakfast before we left because we weren’t going to be eating until after 10:15 and I got up at 8. That was way too late for me. I got super hungry! So I ended up just having some fruit and a crepe. Kyle ended up taking full advantage of the buffet and had dessert before the waiter could let us know they were going to give him a birthday sundae.

We walked on the boardwalk while the grown ups talked about politics and medicine, two things I don’t really care for. So I took this picture:

Afterward we went back to his house and his parents and brother gave him his gifts. We always exchange our presents to each other in private so we’d done it the day before at my house. We went swimming at the community pool afterward, which was difficult because it was pretty crowded. It was more standing in the water and moving our arms back and forth than swimming.

He had to drive over to our college town where he is working with the local theater company on a play they’re going to put on in at the county fair and rodeo this year. I believe he plays the villain in this western-like play. It’s like he’s back at college except I’m not at school so I can actually do things and the time will go by faster. Last night I did some sewing. I had to fix a hole in Kyle’s jeans so I took them home with me and put them on the coffee table.

My cat used to hate him until he helped us assemble and decorate our Christmas tree the first year we were together. She loves the Christmas tree and then she decided he was okay. Now she’s decided she loves him because she curled up on top of his jeans, rubbed her head all over them, and would not get off until a loud noise scared her away.


I am glad that my cat approves of my future husband.

How was your weekend?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Birthday

  1. My cat used to pee all over my boyfriend’s clothes if he was careless enough to leave any around. That cat was very smart. I broke up with that boyfriend, and then met Cap’n Firepants. Animals are great judges of character!

    • He’s in a short western-like play at this year’s county fair, and he’s the villain, but he’s also working toward his BFA in Performance in college. Lots of Meisner and Strasberg and the like.

  2. That’s so cool that your fiance is involved in theatre! I know a lot of people who are majoring or minoring in it or want to pursue theatre as a career and it makes me want to do it too because it looks so fun, and I used to be really involved in it in high school. But now I just like going to see plays and musicals.

    • He tells me all about his studies and if I had ever thought I want to be an actor before I do not now. There is so much work involved! I just like watching them.

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