“I am Beautiful”

I have heard that if you say something like that to your reflection everyday eventually you will start to believe it.

I looked at the scale last night. I didn’t go on it. I looked at it. I thought, “I haven’t gone on that in a while. That’s a good thing,” and I walked away.

Every morning and every night when I’m getting ready for the day or ready for bed I’ve been looking in the mirror at my body, taking a deep breath, and saying, “I am beautiful.”

I’ve only been doing it for a few days so I can’t really tell if it’s working or not, but I figured it would be worth a shot.

I’ve been working out a lot harder. If I’m not happy with how my body looks than I need to change it, and I know how and I know that I can. I’m still eating. I don’t know what my calorie intake is right now. I haven’t been counting.

My life right now is a jumble of so many things. I’m planning my wedding, I’m looking into jobs and other sources of income, I’m getting ready to move out of my mom’s house into a dorm, I’m getting ready to take classes and work and be on my own, I’m working on new books, I’m getting rid of any connections I have/had with my father, I’m working on being healthy and accepting my body.

I don’t think I hate my body too much right now. When I look in the mirror I think it’s pretty nice, just that it can also be better. It doesn’t bother me when I look at it in the mirror, but it does when I’m sitting or standing or whatever and can feel all the fat.

As long as I don’t forget I’m going to continue to say that in the mirror. Maybe it will help, maybe it’s just a waste of breath. We’ll see.


5 thoughts on ““I am Beautiful”

  1. Moving on and letting go. says:

    That’s a good idea, maybe I should join you. It can’t really hurt anything anyways so why not give it a shot. Glad that you’re feeling better about yourself also. Wish you the best!

  2. livepassionatelytonight says:

    Good for you for trying so hard! You ARE beautiful. This is a great mantra to repeat to yourself throughout the day in moments of silence, too.

  3. “If I’m not happy with how my body looks than I need to change it”

    But if you are healthy then maybe it’s your perspective that needs to change, not your body.

    It looks like you are working on both though, which is a good balance. I do believe that affirmations can work. We’ve spent so long telling ousevles how fat we are and we believed it; I don’t see why doing the opposite woudn’t work.

  4. Let me know if this works. If so, I am going to start putting Wonderbutt in front of the mirror and telling him it. I think he has a bad self-image. Maybe that’s why he chews on everything.

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