Coming Up on College

I woke up ridiculously early (after going to sleep at 3am, don’t ask) to get in the car and drive two hours to my uni.


I didn’t drive because I figured that driving on 3 hours of sleep would be a bad idea. We went over the “pass” and as soon as we were over it was sunny and beautiful.

The orientation was a 2 day program when in the end the only thing that was accomplished was getting my fall quarter classes. There were sessions for the parents and for the students. We went to neither. We sat in the Student Union building reading books. We went to the academic advising session with the head of the honors program and then we sat and read some more. My mom had me go to one session and it wasn’t horrible, it was just made for people that hadn’t done any research on where they were planning on living and taking classes from for 4 years. The other sessions looked like just people sitting in a circle asking questions about the uni. I just wanted to sign up for my classes and go home, but I couldn’t sign up for classes until the next day.

They fed us every 2-3 hours, though, which was nice, except the meals were all meat. I didn’t know they had any vegetarian options. I’m not one to ask about things. If I don’t see something I assume it doesn’t exist and take what they offer. So I had bread and cheese for lunch. Someone in front of me at dinner mentioned they were a vegetarian so I got the vegetarian option for dinner, which was a very tasty veggie sandwich.

We saw a wonderfully funny comedian whom we’d seen before open for our favorite comedian Brian Regan, Kermit Apio. We were both laughing the entire time and it was the perfect ending to the day. After running on 3 hours of sleep for the whole day (the one activity I did involved running around the entire Student Union building) I was ready for bed.


My room was on the 3rd floor and about 100 degrees. My mom got to stay in the nice dorm with air conditioning, and it was a suite. I could feel myself drying out as I slept. It was terribly dark in the room, along with being terribly hot. I was able to sleep, surprisingly. They gave the students the worst stuff. My mom had an air conditioned room with a bathroom and full kitchen and my bathroom was on the other side of the dorm, my pillow was lumpy, and the sheets felt gross. I was too tired to care too much though and fell asleep by 11.

When I woke up the next morning it was relatively cool. But as soon as I got back in the room after washing my face and all that fun stuff it was back to being hot. I was sitting in my room, not moving, and I was sweating. At least I won’t be living in the dorms during the summer!

So, my classes for fall quarter are ok. I have University 101, which is 1 credit, and they apparently are going to teach me how read the course catalog. I don’t think I could have signed up for my classes without being able to read it, so that’s a class I can sleep through. I have to take Math 101 because I didn’t take pre-calc in high school because I know that if I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide I will be good. But I still have to take it, so I will deal with it. I have two honors courses, and two pe classes which totals 18 credits, which is the maximum without being charged more. If we’re going to pay a crazy high amount for tuition you know I’m taking the maximum.


I drove home and slept 12 hours straight that night.

I know this sounds kind of negative, but I am really excited to start school. Both of my honors classes are taught by English professors so I will get to know them before I get into my major. I am nervous and scared. I know it’s just college and I know I’m going to enjoy it, but this is the first time I’m going to be living away from home and I’m going to have to make my dorm room my home. It’ll be interesting. It’ll be fun. I’m excited.


8 thoughts on “Coming Up on College

  1. I felt the same way about orientation. It was ridiculously hot in the dorms we had to stay in and all the sessions were kinda pointless plus the food was pretty gross and I just wanted to get my classes. And it definitely felt a little weird being away on my own for the first few weeks but you’ll get used to it and you might like it even more than being at home! I didn’t my first year because my roommate was weird but last year was great since I had a suite dorm to myself and this year I’m in an off-campus apartment that I’m excited for. I think you’ll really love college, especially after you get those lame pre-reqs out of the way!

    • I think I’ll really like being on my own, the change is just scary. My pre-reqs aren’t bad. Math sucks, but if I had stayed in Pre-calc my sophomore year I wouldn’t have to worry about it. Oh well. I’m in the honors college so I don’t have to take English 101 or 102 or Computer Sciences, which is nice. I’ll be in an apartment next year, so I think I’ll survive this one year of dorm-ing.

    • My mom was saying the same thing. She’s trying to get me into the brand new dorm they built, but it’s full. I will. If I stay in the one I’m in now I already know who it is, well, the name anyway. My biggest fear is that I’ll hate my roommate.

      • I’m sure you’ve heard enough nightmare roommate stories, so I’ll spare you mine. Suffice it to say, that it all worked out in the end. The good news is that your fiancé will be there, too, so you won’t have to deal with anything alone.

  2. I loved, loved, loved decorating my dorm room. It was the only time I could pick whatever wild and crazy colors I wanted and not have anyone think twice. 🙂 I love that you have pilates and yoga on your schedule. I’m going to take Tai Chi this semester.

    • I’m excited I get credits for them, too! I have to have a total of 180 credits to graduate so why not take a few free gym classes?

  3. Overall, I loved living in the dorms. I didn’t have the best luck with roommates, that’s for sure. But I really liked the feeling of independence that I had. Hopefully next year will be different! And I wish the best of luck for you too!

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