I’m back to blogging early! I couldn’t stay away.

Senior Awards Night was on Wednesday, the 6th and it was put together fairly well. They played the slideshow I built about 4 times and I was already sick of it. If I have to hear “Graduation” by Vitamin C and “Good Life” one more time I will explode. I didn’t even get credit for it. They thanked the other girl in my group who was busy with prom and didn’t help very much (understandably). Yay. But I’m not too bitter about that anymore.


I of course won the English award, but it has a typo on it… “For you outstanding achievement…” I know there are typos in my writing, especially in my book (I fixed most of them last weekend) but don’t put a typo on an award, especially one for English.


That’s me with my AP Lit/Senior English teacher, quite possibly one of my favorite teachers in my entire education.


I got a special red GPA cord for having a GPA above 3.5. I got an award for being in the top 5% of my academy but not for the top 10%, which they gave to 10 people when we only have 90 students in my graduating class in my academy. There’s a reason we are School of Global Leadership and Economics (formerly Humanities and Arts) and not Math, Science, Health, and Fitness. (just a note, all of these ridiculous names are now colors)

I went home with several awards, well, 2 I think. It’s been too long. I can’t remember. Then I waited. Thursday was my last real day with classes, but it wasn’t really real because we had yearbook distribution which was 40 minutes of me saying, “Last name….what?…can you spell that?…student number….initial next to your name…thank you!” and a “Moving Up” assembly, where you basically sit for 30 minutes and listen to the new ASB representatives talk and the cheer squad perform and then you move from one side of the bleachers to the other, unless you’re a senior in which case you get balloons dropped on you in the middle of the gym floor. I think most of my senior class went from being 18 to 4 when the balloons came down because they were all pushing and shoving and popping balloons before they could fall. They even completely knocked over my friend which was just ridiculous.

The last day of school was Senior Breakfast, Graduation Practice, then Campus Day which meant sit in my favorite classroom with my absolute favorite teacher until Kyle comes to pick me up. He moved home the day before.


My cap, and my friend’s design before gluing it to her cap. She basically decorated hers the whole time and we just hung out. I do not miss high school in any way whatsoever but I do miss that room and that teacher. Right now I would be going to 3rd period if I was in school. I’m glad I’m not though.

My grandparents came to visit on Friday so we all went out to eat and then the next day was graduation.


My dad came to dinner, uninvited, and then brought his new girlfriend to graduation even though I had told him she was not invited. He gave me a nice gift card for Disneyland that I gladly used up and was nice enough to sit separate from my family and come say congratulations alone after the ceremony. Up until he told me he was bringing her I had forgotten why I hated him so much. Then he reminded me. But I had a good last 2 hours sitting with my friends complaining about everything and judging the 1 hour ceremony and laughing at all of the speeches. I left graduation saying goodbye to the most pointless 4 years of my life. Not all of it was bad, but most of it was not good. I didn’t cry. I walked out of the building saying, “Goodbye everyone!” and not even looking back. When I got home I threw off my robe that will forever hang in my closet until I shove it into a box and threw my empty diploma thing on the ground. I received no closure and won’t until I get my diploma in the mail. But after my trip with Kyle I have completely forgotten about graduation. Everyone makes this huge deal out of it but to me it meant next to nothing. I wore an awful $60 gown that probably cost $1 to make and sat among the 300 in my class, with about 3/4 of them actually graduating, the rest just walking for the fun of it, and I was cold. I took a few pictures and then I went home. No one I knew cried. I knew I was graduating when we were all lined up in the back ready to walk, but I felt nothing except maybe some joy knowing I never have to go back there again. Whatever the district does after this I couldn’t care less about.

I am happy it is all over with. I am very glad I don’t have to get up at 6 every morning anymore. I am happy I get to spend my days doing something useful with my time instead of going to school to sit for 8 hours.  It does feel a little weird to me, still. Everyone else still has school this week and half of next. I remember going last year and all of the seniors were gone. It was sad but the school was appropriately filled for that last week instead of being overcrowded like usual. I miss the few underclassmen friends I had but chances are I will see them again this summer at some point.

Overall, I am very happy to be done with high school and am ready to move on to the next step. I am a little scared about going to college. Nervous, I guess, but I figure it will be all right in the end. It is a little weird to be done, but that doesn’t mean I’m sad about it!


7 thoughts on “Graduation

  1. Congratulation on your graduation, awards, and GPA. I didn’t attend my graduation/prom because my grandfather had a big birthday that year and I went there instead (I don’t regret it at all – I don’t imagine that I would have enjoyed either event very much) but I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy yours and that your father was so insensitive. My father can be pretty grating sometimes, as well. At least now, in the next phase of your life, you’ll get to control more how great of a presence he has in your life. I wish you all the best for college!

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