Why am I so Hungry?

I started exercising again on Monday and jumped right into the 4 week pilates challenge I had started a week before I got sick, and going from 3 weeks of doing nothing after literally 4 years (I have not given myself a rest day in 4 years. I have little marks on all my calendars to prove it) to going right into the intensity I was in before (I gave myself the weekend to work up to it, I promise) I am all of a sudden crazy hungry all the time now! I think that in those 4 years my body got used to doing an intense amount of work on about 1200 calories a day (in the past year, before it was <800 calories a day), but now that I have taken a break and gone back into it my body is telling me to EAT MORE, and I have to admit that is really frightening. I do about an hour of pilates a day now, 5 days a week and normally consume between 900 and 1400 calories a day but I am hungry all the time! Between breakfast and lunch my stomach is making so much noise people around me can hear it. I have snacks but I swear that my stomach attacks it as soon as I swallow it, breaks it down in a matter of seconds, and then is back to growling.


I feel like that woman in the picture. I want to eat all the time and I can’t buy more food at school because it’s disgusting for one and I never bring any money with me to school.

I also am terrified of going over my calorie intake which I will today because I’ve already had 1200 and I still have to eat dinner, and that really bothers me. I do not want to eat any more food but my mom will kill me if I don’t eat. She has never understood my eating disorder or attempted to understand, and my switching to a healthy lifestyle bothers her. I don’t think she’ll ever understand that either so I don’t talk about it around her. But I’m going to have to eat dinner tonight even though I think it is clear by my calorie intake today that I do not need to eat any more. It just really bothers me that I am finally able to get back into exercising and now I want to eat more. So I’m going to try and keep it below 1200 tomorrow, maybe below 1000 to make up for whatever my total ends up being today.

But I want to ask you all if you have any good meal or snack ideas for me? Preferably healthy snacks and ones that will fill me up for a long time. Snacks that are also easy to take to school. I have no fridge access or ice pack or cooler to take with me.  Breakfast especially since I get hungry about an hour after breakfast and I eat breakfast 6 and lunch isn’t until 12.

So, any good breakfasts or snacks? My lunches are really boring too, so any suggestions for that would be nice!

Does increasing your intake ever freak you out?


14 thoughts on “Why am I so Hungry?

    • Those sound really good, thanks! I need to get bananas. I used to make banana smoothies and banana ice cream but I haven’t since school started.

  1. Keep on trying to recover.
    A couple more calories wouldn’t hurt–if you are hungry learn to listen to your body.
    Fruit is a good snack if you are hungry and so are veggies (carrots and snap peas) with hummus.
    Don’t forget to get some protein too.

  2. fruitacious is right. Listen to your body. It sounds like you are trying to listen by asking for healthy snack ideas, so that is on the right track – but you definitely need to increase your calorie intake.

  3. I know here you can buy Apple Packs either with caramel dipping sauce or without. They are just apple slices in a package that you can stuff in a backpack. The caramel is really yummy and a good way to maybe increase the snack a little bit. I also think trail mixes are great. They have lots of things that will keep you full longer including protein. Packing dry cereal in a zip lock is also a good snack. Granola is good that way too. Good luck and don’t be scared to increase calories. I know I had to learn that if I’m hungry I won’t gain. It’s eating when I’m not that could cause me to gain (of course that is only when you have reached a point of solid and stable recovery). Good luck!

  4. Kit-Kat says:

    Well, I have some suggestions, but first I want to let you know that your workouts are burning more calories than ever…. so it’s natural to feel hungry. You’re going to be fueling new muscle! (I’m VERY experienced in nutrition, and am currently taking ANOTHER college class this quarter). And cutting calories tomorrow won’t make up for extra calories today. People don’t understand that it takes a WEEK’S worth of accumilation to gain or lose a pound of fat (not water, bone, or muscle weight). it takes 3,500 calories to gain or lose a pound of fat, so a week of adding/cutting 500 calories will make you either gain or lose (which sounds like you can’t afford to lose, if you want to gain fat-burning muscle. Eat more, weigh less is the rule to losing weight!).

    To answer your snack question, I would reccomend checking out Foodie Fiasco (blog), which has great recipes that are lo-cal and very delicious! A great option to stop the growling tummy is to have tea. Tea is 0 calories, and is very filling. I have Good Earth Original spice blend, which is REALLY good. I have about 18 ounces of hot water, one bag of the tea steeped for about four minutes, and then I put in three packets of sweetener (DON’T use Equal or Splenda, because it kills the flavor!). You might need to add cool water between sips, but it is really filling. Having a large pear before drinking is another great way to fill up. You might feel bloated after having such a large amount of fluid, but it WILL ebb away, since it is fluid after all! Oh, and adding a tablespoon or two of a nut butter to the pear is a good source of protein to fill you up as well.

    Breakfast, maybe you could try Chocolate Covered Katie’s Never Ending Oatmeal bowl, and prep it so you could have maybe half of it at 6 and the other half between classes (and a small mug of tea between classes). For lunch, you should think about buying FlatOut wraps, top them off with Yves or Tofurkey deli slices (or boca burgers!), and add condiments to make a healthy wrap or mini pizza (speaking of, try Amy’s vegetarioan pizza…. no regrets with under 300 calories a serving!). Pack a large salad (I’m talking about a WHOLE head of romaine lettuce) with a piece of fruit, and have a veggie burger of your choice (we’re looking at 400 + or — calories). Think about having a glass of low-fat soymilk for calcium and protein, too. Bones are needed for exercising!

    Let me know if I can help, please! I only want to help you feel good, look great, and be good to your body. I know what it’s like to have an eating disorder, so please know I can relate to your feelings (and to let you know, I’m recovered, still at a healthy weight, and am an exercise-aholic!). 🙂

    • Thank you for all of your suggestions and advice. It really does mean a lot to me. My meals are so boring and I eat the same thing every day, I need to get out and have different things. Thank you!

      • Kit-Kat says:

        You’re welcome! I remember when I wouldn’t allow myself anytihng past 1400 calories either. It was pretty sick, because when I started to exercise long and hard, I got really hungry and frustrated that I couldn’t cut anymore cals without feeling starved. That’s when my doctor set me up on a 2000 calorie diet. I exercised and weight trained, gained muscle mass, but found that I was losing fat weight. It made me feel so strong and healthy. Now I am eating (haha, be prepared!) 2700 calories, and have not gained a single ounce of fat, am strong (but not “bulging” muscular), and I have lotsa energy to exercise to my hearts content…. and I’m not afraid of eating! (well…. unless it’s NOT a vegan food).

      • That is really awesome. It’s still hard for me to get rid of my old mindset because before I would be at a max of 800 by the end of the day. I also worry about getting the right food which is kind of hard since I still live at home right now and my mom doesn’t understand or support a healthy lifestyle because she thinks it’s just me going back to my ED when that is precisely what I am trying not to do. But that is awesome how you’ve done and I can hope I can one day be doing as well.

      • Kit-Kat says:

        Sounds similar, only that my mom and dad are supportive of healthy living/eating… so they knew my “healthy” ways were not healthy. I’m sorry about your mom not understanding. It must be so hard, knowing someone is looking over your shoulder all the time. That is NOT what someone who is recovering from an ED needs at all. Makes things worse.
        And yep, I thought I was fine at 800 calories (at my worst stage) too. So glad that’s behind me! I probably felt “fat” because my motabolism had slowed way down to conserve energy.
        Like I said, if you have any questions, just ask! 🙂 (do you have a Facebook? We could be friends!)

  5. i used to absolutely freak out if i overate. but i’ve learned that our bodies are veryyy smart. i used to think that was so stupid when my nutritionist said that but now i realize how true it is. i trust it when it’s hungry. now i accept the fact that i am a naturally very hungry person. i eat more than my friends and i’ve learned to be okay with that

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