So Inconvenient

I was about to start the second week of a new workout routine that had already given me awesome results! I was super excited and ready to take my body to the next level. I’m ready to transform myself so that by the time I go to Prom and Graduation and Disneyland I will look amazing and blow everyone away. I don’t even know what I’m wearing to Prom yet, but I am determined to look drop dead gorgeous.

Then today hit. I woke up achy and with chills but no fever. Yet. I wanted to stay home but I had two papers due and there are no late turn ins with those teachers so I had to go. Walking to the bus was horrible. I felt like I had just sprinted a marathon. My heart would not slow down even when I sat. I got to class and couldn’t even sit up straight. I just wanted to lie down on the ground and a few times I almost did.

I turned in my paper in 1st and made it to 3rd where the teacher asked if I was feeling ok, and when I said no he asked if I wanted to go to the nurse but I was determined to make it through the whole day. Whatever this was was not going to keep me down.

But that was its entire goal. Once my essay was turned I took a turn for the worse. My limbs got heavy. My ears started ringing. My vision started to go black. All I could manage to do was raise my hand and my teacher told me to write a pass, because the nurse will send you back to class if you don’t have a pass. He signed it and told a kid to walk me down. I made it out the front door and then I collapsed against the wall. Luckily, this teacher is awesomely strange and has a wheelchair in his classroom, so they brought that out and I was wheeled from one end of the school to the other through the crowd of students on their lunch break. How embarrassing. It took until we got to the nurse’s office for my vision to come back, and she said I looked as pale as paper when I came in. So I got to lie down on a cot and wait for my mom to come and pick me up.

Around 4 the fever set in, which is good and bad since it means I have a fever, but it also means my body is working to fight whatever it is that made me feel like complete and utter crap.

I have to get better by Friday afternoon though because that’s when we’re driving to my college for orientation on Saturday. I cannot miss it. So whether I am sick or not I am going. It’s still inconvenient though. But I’m not complaining that I might miss 2 whole days of school. It’ll give me more time to work on school work. I would like to stop feeling all sweaty and gross. I love sweat, but only when I’ve earned it. I am also really bothered that every time I start working out again in a really intense manner I get sick or something ruins it. Now, I’m going to have to start all over when I get better and last week’s progress was for nothing. I’m almost tempted to do my 50 minutes of Pop Pilates videos even though I know that wouldn’t help me. I better get over this fast!

At the same time, I wonder how much weight I’m going to lose. I haven’t felt hungry since breakfast but I did eat lunch and I’ve been drinking tons of water. I wouldn’t mind going back on an all liquid diet like when I got my wisdom teeth out. I lost 3 pounds then. I know it’s not good to think that way, but I do.

This thing better go away soon! It’s really annoying. How am I going to look great at Prom now?


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