Seven Things Sunday

Happy Sunday! I was busy enjoying my Saturday yesterday so this post is late. And I don’t have anything deep to write about so today I have a light post.

1. Menchies

This is the only yogurt shop we have in town and I do not have a problem with that. I went there twice last week, once with my fam and once with my boyfriend and both times I dumped strawberries and blueberries all over it. Can you say delish?

2. Honors College

I applied for the honors college at the university I will be attending this fall back in October. On Thursday I got an email from the honors college inviting me to apply. So I applied again and I will probably call them later this week to talk to them about it.

3. Disneyland


My boyfriend and I finally moved our trip to Disneyland back a few days since stated that the official media day and opening day of the new California Adventure would be while we were there, meaning we would not have access. Our countdown timer got moved up 2 days and we are very excited to go. We’ve literally been thinking about this trip since my sophomore year so we’ve been waiting quite some time. When I started the countdown timer here on my blog it was about 375 days and now it’s 120.

4. Panera

I used to eat here at least twice a month and then Christmas happened so all of December and January I didn’t get to go. I love their food. They only have a few vegetarian choices but they have great pastries and bagels and their tomato soup is to die for.

5. The Vow

Opening weekend! My boyfriend and I went and saw the earlybird on Saturday and loved it. I only cried a little bit. It’s very cute and no where near as sad as My Sister’s Keeper.

6. Yearbook

We’ve got two deadlines left one of them being this Friday. I’m ready for the book to be done. In all honestly, we’re not the best staff but the book will still look good and people will like getting to find themselves and have a spot to sign on.

7. English

I am taking 2 English classes this semester and after 1 week of being in an English class every day I can already tell a difference. You cannot split an AP class in half and go every other day. I am understanding and learning so much more in a regular senior English class than I have in AP because the whole thing every other day thing just doesn’t work. Not that the school would ever listen to me about it.


How was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “Seven Things Sunday

  1. Not the best weekend. Dimples and the Cap’n both have a virus, and Dimples is having a hard time shaking hers (she has had it since Thursday). I am well-rested, but a little stir crazy from staying home. I’m actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow (the Cap’n will stay home with her if she still isn’t well, poor kid.)
    That’s frustrating about the honors college thing. I hated college paperwork. The first year, they lost all of my financial aid info and I had to do it all over again.

  2. I’ve never been to menchies, but I’ve heard their froyo is amazing!! One of the schools that I want to go to has one right across the street and you know I will be hittin’ it up all the time if I go there! I’m totally with you on panera too. I’m obsessed with their black bean soup!

  3. Hey, I just wrote any entry about people in recovery leaving me comments, and I don’t want you to think it was geared towards you. I think the comments you leave me are actually real and intelligent, unlike some others I get.

  4. “The Vow” was a good movie, I just saw it last night. It did get me to thinking about how precious life is and how lucky we are when we do have that special connection with that one special person. I enjoy your blog.

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