What Was I So Worried About?

I woke up at 6am, heart racing, sweating under 5 fuzzy blankets and a comforter which wasn’t doing much comforting. I had an 11 o’clock appointment to get my wisdom teeth out and was anything but excited. I knew I had to get them out though if I ever wanted to eat without pain again. I sat on Pinterest until 10 when I got up to get ready to go. I hadn’t eaten since 5pm the day before but I was too nervous to feel hunger. The drive to the hospital where the oral surgeon was located was nerve wracking and when we got there it took 30 minutes after my scheduled time to actually see me. When they called me back I jumped up and rushed back and before I knew it the IV was in my arm and I was waking up in the car halfway home. I started texting my boyfriend before I was even fully aware of what was going on. I think I may have even tweeted “loopy” but I’m not sure. I felt heavy and tired. I had to close one eye to read my texts because my eyes did not want to work together. By the time I got home I was able to see clearly things close to me with both eyes open but I saw 4 people in a 2 person scene on TV. I watched PS I Love You which I had seen about 40 minutes of a few days ago so by the time I got to where I had left off I could see clearly again.

I’ve spent most of my day on the couch icing my face for 20-30 minutes each side taking a 30 minute break. I ate at 5pm yesterday and finally got to eat again at about 3-4pm today. I’ve had two chocolate pudding cups and some chocolate gelato, some apple sauce, and a pediasure thing which as some questionable ingredients in it. Why do we give this to children? But before I took the pain pill I barely hurt at all. I think it hurt more to have them in than to get them out. And I have had no side effects to the anesthesia or the half pain pill I took. I feel just the tiniest bit dizzy now and that’s about it. No pain, no swelling, just some dizzy and some sleepy.

And it’s a 3-day weekend! Well, 4 for me since I took today off for my surgery. It’s supposed to be the end of the semester but they extended it a week because of the “snow” storm we had last week. I was really looking forward to starting the last semester of my high school career. Oh well. One more week won’t kill me. Well, maybe.

I really hope the rest of you are doing well. I need to not freak out about every medical issue that goes on with me, but worrying is something I am really good at. It might be the only thing I am good at. Anyway, happy Thursday! I’m great and I need to stop worrying. Smile


What do you need to work on? worrying?

Ever expected something worse than what actually happened?


9 thoughts on “What Was I So Worried About?

  1. fivereflections says:

    i’m glad you are okay, but i knew you would be 🙂 enjoy the thought, that now that you’ve had your wisdom teeth removed, all the wisdom will be free and not locked up in your teeth.

    i know, i just made that up…

  2. Hullo 🙂 I’ve just come across your blog, and as a 15 year old anorexic & aspiring writer I find your posts quite inspirational. I’m so glad you seem to be recovering well, good luck with it all

  3. I get soooo anxious about stuff like that too!! It’s never as bad as I expect. I’m glad to hear you’re doing well!! Enjoy the long weekend 🙂

  4. I hope today finds you feeling just as well! I need to work on not trying to type blog comments and have discussions with my daughter at the same time. If this comment makes no sense it’s her fault.
    The worse never happens when I expect it. That’s what is great about being pessimistic.

    • I feel fantastic! I’m not even sure they actually did it. No pain or swelling. And it makes sense. Sometimes I blog and watch tv at the same time and that’s never a good combination.
      Being a pessimistic is awesome. It always makes situations better than they really are.

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