Fun Stuff Friday (snow edition)

We spent the last 22 hours without power. Our house got down to 48 degrees and I slept in bed with my mom wearing yoga pants, fuzzy socks over my socks, a long sleeved t-shirt, and thermal, and a sweatshirt under 9 blankets. We were warm, needless to say. So today’s Fun Stuff Friday has to do with things you don’t usually think about.

1. Electricity, mainly HEAT

I weigh a good number less than what the doctors think I should be at and am still functioning properly. However, it’s not good when it’s cold. Even when our heater is working I have to wear a sweatshirt or use a blanket. So being 48 degrees in the house isn’t nice when I’m already cold when our house is at our usual temperature of 64. We ran out of logs to burn (we only had 2) and started burning my chemistry notebook from last year and old sheets with holes in them. When the heat came on about an hour after we got up my brother jumped up and down and I nearly died. I don’t mind the snow when we have power, but when we don’t, ugh!

2. Blankets

I am in love with throw pillows and blankets and my obsession paid off yesterday. 5 of the 9 blankets I slept under were from my bed. The heater in my room is broken so I need 5 blankets on my bed to keep warm in the winter.

3. Cats

My cat was freezing cold last night but would not come join us in bed or let us cover her with a blanket. I don’t know what her take on the whole 22 hours is but she is sitting on top of the heater now so I think she’s just as happy to have power back as we are.

I have never seen a city, no, a whole half of a state just about, so unequipped to deal with snow as where I live. And it happens every year. We lose power once a year. They have snow plows but they don’t use them. They don’t plow or de-ice and when something does happen like a power line going down it takes forever to bring it back. I was listening to my little radio almost all day yesterday and the power people said it would take 3 to 4 days to restore all the power. Um, 3 to 4? No, you fix it now! The airport shut down. It snows worse in other places than here and they all function just fine. It happens like this every year. I will do everything I can to not live here once I graduate. I’m going to college on the other side of the state which is good because they can deal with snow there and after that I am never returning to western Washington EVER AGAIN.


What do you do when the power goes out?

Oh, and I was worried about my weight the whole time, too, along with the heat. You know you’re anorexic when…


13 thoughts on “Fun Stuff Friday (snow edition)

  1. I try to leave the house as much as possible. Hang at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. If it’s not weather-related. If it’s weather-related, I am too busy trying to keep the dogs and Dimples from freaking out to really worry about things, but I cuss a lot.

  2. We lost power for only a couple hours in the morning, but I feel bad for the other people (like my grandma and grandpa in Pualup, who have been out since 7 A.M. yesterday morning.
    I hate it when the power goes out. It reminds me of when my ED was at it’s worst in 2006 (the really bad winter when we were out for a week and all foods were fear foods). I love the snow, but you can’t play in it when the power is out, because you can’t warm yourself back up when you come inside from the cold.
    I’m glad you have power! Just hope no more freezing rain comes. I don’t want that!!!

      • Oh yes. It was REALLY bad here on the island! winds so strong, and when we did get power, a tree fell and broke the wires, so we were out almost constantly. 😦
        Was it bad for you that year, too?

      • I was in middle school then and my parents were getting more serious about divorce so it was a bad time, anyway, but that winter was so crazy. Several days without power with a little brother and fighting parents? Not fun. That sucks about the power.

  3. I’m sorry that there was no power! I can’t imagine being that cold, because like you, I get so cold so easily. But luckily it’s back and you can warm back up 🙂 When the power goes out I get so pissed and think “oh! There goes ALL my plans”. It’s weird how much we rely on power for absolutely everything.

  4. oh wow… the lowest I ever put my house down to is 60 degrees at night (my house is an old home and the upstairs was a conversion… so it’s about 5 degrees warmer up there)… my parents keep there house at 56 degrees during the day… I cannot even fathom how cold that must have been… did you sleep better? I’ve heard that immense cold makes you tired/groggy…

    The last time my power went out I actually got in my car and started driving… and it wasn’t a smart decision… a tree fell down on the truck in front of me… so I spent most of the power outtage in my car, shaking…

    As for your list of things?
    Definitely thankful for electricity (and gas!)
    and also majorly agree with you on the blanket front… something comforting about them
    and I love a good pet

  5. That’s so crazy that you were without power for so long! The longest I’ve ever gone without it was for a few hours last year on campus and it wasn’t even too bad since it was day time and I had classes to go to and it was still summer, so I could deal with the heat. I could never make it without power in the winter since I get cold so easily too!

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