Awards and Such

So I went to the oral surgeon today for a consultation….. And I’m not going to tell you about it because frankly it depresses me and I’m just not that excited about the whole darn thing. So, moving on!

Nataly at nominated me for the Versitle Blogger Award: versatile_blogger_award 


The RULES and How to Get Awarded…

1. Thank the award giver and link back to them in your post

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading

4. Contact your bloggers to let them know about the award


7 things about me (This was really hard because I don’t really hide that much back about myself on my blog)

1. I love, love, love cats! Seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous. If I see a cat I have to announce it. I’ll stop in the middle of my sentence to say, “KITTY!”

2. I ❤ the Pen Tool. It’s the most amazing thing ever and it is the best tool to use when doing cut-outs of people for yearbook. Using the eraser makes people look bumpy and weird and the magnetic lasso tool (I have witnessed the staff using both and every time I want to shoot myself in the foot) makes people look angular. Pen Tool = amazingness!

3. Water is my absolute favorite drink in the entire world. Orange juice is second. Chocolate soy milk is third. I used to love regular cow’s milk (fat free of course) but now I can’t stand it. I can drink it I just don’t like it.

4. I am a hopeless romantic

5. I love saving money

6. That makes #5 kind of difficult, but at least I’m the woman and not the man so I have significantly less spending to do.

7. Watching Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music when I was a kid taught me how to sing even though I am no where close to as good as she is.

Wow, 15 blogs, I don’t think I even read that many. Is it terrible to not do that right now? And I think all the blogs I do read have already gotten this award… And I haven’t recently started reading any. I don’t know…

Nobody hate me please, but I’m gonna have to do this one later.

Next is the Lactose Free Lizzie Food Awards that Ashley tagged me in.

“The blogger that is tagged must host an award thing-ama-gig about FOOD. Yes, food (it’s the food awards). Anything related to it. A food blogger, a company, a favorite meal, or even whatever you like to sprinkle on your popcorn. After you are finished you tag 3 other bloggers to host a Food Award ceremony (aka a post). But remember, you may only focus on the positive aspects of what you are awarding. No negativity is tolerated, especially if it will hurt someone’s feelings). Also, you are ALL winners in my book, even if you are not mentioned xoxo Lizzie”

Nominees for best Greek Yogurt




Winner: Chobani, because it’s delicious. Smile

Nominees for best use for Peanut Butter

On a spoon

on toast/sandwich

on a bagel

Winner: all of the above. Peanut butter is just amazing

Nominees for best ice cream variation




Winner: in my honest opinion it has to be coconut. It’s sweeter than regular ice cream and while I love my fro-yo to death and soy is good, too, coconut is just delish!

Nominees for best berry




Winner: While I love strawberries and blueberries to death raspberries win. Plus I love putting little chocolate chips inside them. That’s just the best!

Nominees for best chocolate & hazelnut spread



Winner: Nuspli, hands down, no competition at all. Sorry, Nutella.

I can’t pick people to pass things on to! Grr! I pass it on to all of you! It’s actually kind of fun, so if you want to do it then do it and if you don’t then don’t.

Tomorrow is Friday and I could not be happier! I hope you all had a fun week! I had to change my AP Studio Art 2D Design concentration because I have exactly 11 weeks left until it is due and so my old one is now trash. It was “the most basic object that would remind someone of a fairy tale” or something like that. I forget how I described it.


Alice in Wonderland




Snow White

I really liked the idea but it was just going to take too long to get all 12 pieces done well. It’s not a big deal, I’m doing both still lives of objects that I have a personal connection with and trees. The second is my back up in case the first fails.


Ever had Nuspli? I bet you haven’t.

What is your favorite berry out of all the berries in the world?

What is one object that is very personal or that you have some sort of connection with?


5 thoughts on “Awards and Such

  1. I really like the “Eat Me” photograph. Very cool! Neat assignment idea, too.
    Never had Nuspli.
    I absolutely adore blueberries. Can’t get enough of them.
    Sadly, my iPad is probably the most deeply connected object to me. When we were at DisneyWorld and a fire set the hotel sprinklers off on our floor, all I could worry about was my iPad (my family was safely out of harm’s way!)

  2. Kit-Kat says:

    If you can call it an “object”, horses. VERY personal. You can tell them your deepest secrets, and they’ll keep them forever. Take pictures of them, and their actions are no secret.
    My favorite berry? Oh man, when I was a kid, I was strawberry queen! I love raspberries and blueberries though. Blueberries are supposed to be the most “perfect” berry in the world. I think all berries are perfect (except when they leave stains! 😉 ).
    i’ve never had Nuspli! I would reccomend this spread though:
    Let me know if the link works, okay? 🙂

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