How Exercise Affects My Sight

Over break I barely got any kind of a workout in. For 3 days I walked and stood from about 8am to 10pm in Disneyland and after that it was lounging on the couch and watching movies and eating holiday treats. No doubt I gained a good amount of weight in those two relaxing weeks. As a part of my NYR I am trying not to weigh myself as often as I had been in the past if at all. It’s kind of hard, but I guess it will get less difficult as time goes by. Since I didn’t get in a decent amount of exercise over break whenever I would look in the mirror I would see myself as this gigantic, fat, bloated person, even though there is no way I could have gained that much weight in such a short amount of time. Sometimes I thought I looked like the size of a baby mammoth. It was a major problem. I thought about ways I could cut back but my boyfriend was home so that wasn’t happening. I hated the way I looked.

But since school started yesterday and my boyfriend went back to college I got to get back into my old routine. I did an hour of pilates yesterday and while my legs were shaking from being worked so much I felt absolutely amazing. And I looked amazing. While I probably didn’t drop any weight or really change physically in the minutes following my workout, when I looked in the mirror what I saw was drastically different from what I had seen over break.

I don’t know why exercise affected how I perceived myself but it made me happy. It’s an odd thing, but I suppose that it makes some sense.


Have you ever experienced something like this?


7 thoughts on “How Exercise Affects My Sight

  1. Kit-Kat says:

    Yes, I know EXACTLY how you feel about exercise! It makes me feel happy when I’m working out, or after I have worked out, and it changes how I percieve myself ALOT. It’s not just you. And, I will add that you are probably right that the scale might not have dropped any numbers, despite how you look, but that is only because you have gained muscle! That would be SO AWESOME for you!!! I would be so happy if that were the case. hey, even if the numbers on the scale do go up, it won’t be fat. It would be muscle. And muscle burns more, you know. To keep muscle, you will have to have more protein and carbo-rich foods, but by eating these foods, you keep the muscle, and thus not have to worry about fat. You may feel like you are eating more, which you are, but your body won’t convert it to fat. It will fuel that awesome muscle!!! Please believe me on this. I experienced the same thing this spring when I really got into lifting free weights. I HAD to eat more, or else my muscle would waste away, and I would not burn anything, and my motabolism would go REALLY slow. It’s a surprise that eating food can actually make you lose the “bad” weight, and help you keep the GREAT weight (muscle and necessary fat to keep you alive… not much, but enough!).
    Let me know if this helps, please! 🙂

  2. I literally experience this exact same feeling EVERY single time I exercise. I look at myself and actually see less fat on my legs, stomach, etc…When I don’t exercise, my thighs look chubby and thick. It’s definitely the ED but I just want you to know that you are not alone – not at all!

    – Alli

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